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We have not been doing much traveling this year, but we do have some travels planned for the future. I figured I would share them with you all and you can get excited along with me. And maybe you could give some suggestions of things to do and see as well!





That’s right folks, we are finally heading back to our homeland for a visit this year! It has been over two years since my large feet have touched American soil and boy do they needing to go shoe shopping!

Besides shopping, we plan on visiting our favorite Magical Kingdom, Disneyland, and visiting friends and family. And I plan on drinking lots of delicious wine!  Anyone have any money-saving tips or fun things to do in the L.A./Anaheim area? Or California wines I should try? Leave a comment and let me know!

We still haven’t actually planned out this trip more than I shared… but who needs exact dates or plane tickets to start to get excited? Am I right?!



Yep, we are heading back to BKK for little trip and I am hoping to see some new things and find some new restaurants. Have you guys been to BKK? Have any suggestions for fun, family things to do and/or restaurants to try? I feel like every time I go to Bangkok I get overwhelmed by the choices and end up shopping and eating mall food. Which is still fun, but I was something different this time… Help me out. 🙂





Chad and I have been wanting to visit Chiang Mai, Thailand since we have moved to Thailand. We visited years ago (like years and years ago), and loved it. Chiang Mai has all the Thai culture that Phuket lacks. The northern Thai food is delicious (and cheap) and the sites are beautiful.

Some of the things I want to do are check out the White Temple (see photo above), eat lots of Khao Soy, and walk around the huge Night Bazaar.

Again, no dates set just yet for this, but we have a goal to go and we will do it!


Now it’s your turn! Have you been to any of these places? Are you planning on traveling at all this year? Leave a comment and share about where you have been or where you are going! Let’s get excited together!!


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