Wednesday Write-Up: Versatile Blogger Award


I am a bit behind on this, but in April I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Mark at Better late than never, right?! Mark writes about life, sports, entertainment and does it with a humor and candor that keeps me reading… make sure to check him out!

Here is what I need to do to accept this award: 1) Thank the person that nominated me (check!), 2) Display the award badge (check!), 3) Give 7 interesting facts about myself, and 4) nominate 15 other bloggers.


1. I have eaten grasshoppers, crickets, meal worms, whole frogs, chicken feet, tripe, and…. hmmm, what other possible gross things… I guess that’s it… So far!

2. I have numerous tattoos and plan to eventually have at least one tattoo on every major part of the canvas that is my body. Except my neck, head, and face (although tattooed eyeliner sounds pretty nice sometimes).

3. I love to move, about every two years I get the itch to change locations, even if it is just to a new house in the same town.

4. I am actually pretty lazy, but am more OCD, that I must constantly clean my living area.

5. I love to read, but have little time to do so at the moment… I miss it.

6. My favorite Disneyland ride is Peter Pan, my least favorite is Splash Mountain. I refuse to ride that one, something about pummeling down a high mountain… must be because —

7. I am EXTREMELY scared of heights!

Now to nominate some of my favorite blogs… Please check them out (and to those I nominate, please don’t feel obligated to participate, I just want to share the love!)


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The Vanilla Housewife

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The Blackberry Boys

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