Wednesday Write-Up: Visa Run to KL

One of the Petronas Towers

Well, we made it to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia without any issues whatsoever. Hooray! As usual, my worrying was just a waste of time. Will I ever stop worrying though, not likely, but it sure would be nice.

We only planned one full day in KL and are flying back to Thailand tomorrow. We are staying in a lovely little place called Rainforest B&B Hotel and though it is pretty bare bones, it’s clean and comfortable and cheap.
Our plan was to go to the Batu Caves today, but after reading about the aggressive monkeys that reside there, we decided that it may be a traumatizing day for Z instead of a good one.
So like any good parent would, we decided to do things today that would be fun for our quickly learning and growing daughter. (The crazy monkeys and 279 steps to the cave in the heat had nothing to do with our decision.)
We instead went to the Petrosains Discovery Centre and the Aquaria KLCC. I plan on writing more about our experiences in next weeks post.
I am currently writing this with my iPhone and am quite impressed with my tech savvy-ness at the moment. No, but really if this is filled with typos and grammar problems, please go easy on me.
Tomorrow we head back to Bangkok, barring any problems with the protests. I have enjoyed KL (the food is SO DELICIOUS, more on that in next weeks post as well!) and we will definitely have to make another longer trip to Malaysia soon.
Have you ever been to KL? What did you like/dislike about it! Leave a comment and let me know.

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