Wednesday Write-Up: Pondering the Present

Thailand is full of surprises as I mentioned in my last post. But most often they are good surprises.
Our lovely landlords here in Phuket live two doors down from us and are the sweetest, most helpful people. For example, today they had a third air conditioner installed in our house. We now have a whopping three a/c’s in our house. I can now officially keep meat frozen in almost any room of our house. My dreams of a being a butcher are close at hand! Ok, not really, but now there is at least the possibility. I am so thankful that we have such conscientious people renting us their house. It’s a welcome surprise after our previous landlord in Hua Hin, who was much less than helpful. I doubt that we would be without running water for 12 days in this house without some sort of help from our new landlords.
One of the things I have read on the internet about the people of Thailand is that they often are late, just that culturally it is not as important to be promptly on time for anything despite its importance. This is another area that I have been surprised by. We have taken the “Thai time” into account twice now and have actually had the people show up early! I am sure people are often late (as they are anywhere) but so far I have yet to experience it. I guess one shouldn’t assume about a whole culture just by reading some blogs posts or forum discussions…. Who would have guessed?! True experience is the only way to really know what a place and it’s people are really like. (I already knew this but sometimes I need reminding.)
Right now I am writing this post while laying on Nai Harn beach. And it is a beautiful sunny day with a timely breeze. I am again surprised that this is our home for now. I am just incredibly thankful for our trip so far and that we have been so blessed to be able to fully immerse ourselves in so many different cultures along the way.
I am continually surprised that this is my life. It’s a dream life. I am thankful.

What were some of the surprises that you experienced when you settled into the place that you live?


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