Wednesday Write-up: MY FIRST AWARD!!!!!!!


This week I had the incredible excitement and honor of being nominated for a Liebster Award by  The Blackberry Boys. Fanni is a fun and crafty blogger who writes about her two boys (Blackberry #1 and Blackberry #20) and their lives in Hungary. It is wonderful… Make sure you go check it out!

So, there is a ton of information on the internet about what the Liebster Award is, and what supposed to do when nominated. First, the Liebster Award is an award given from blogger to blogger. You have the option to accept it or gracefully refuse it as it is kind of like a chain letter. You answer a set of questions and then pass on the nomination to other bloggers (with under 200 followers) and then give them questions to answer about themselves. I honestly feel that this is less like a chain letter and more like Amish Friendship Bread, something that you actually get something out of. This is an opportunity for others to learn more about me, and for me to learn more about other bloggers. Not only that, but maybe all of us can find new blogs that we love.  I guess all of this is to say… I ACCEPT!

So here we go….

My Questions To Answer:

1. What’s your daily motivation? 

Being a loving, kind, and thoughtful wife, mother, family member, and friend. That is my goal always. But most often it is making it through the day without being negative and being a good example to my daughter.

2. Do you have a particular song that makes your day?

Any Beatles song that was written by John or George… Sorry, I cannot pick just one. 🙂

3. Name five items that you always carry with you.

Sunglasses, my iPhone, extra underwear for Z (she is still newly potty-trained), first aid kit (I was not a girl scout, but truly feel it’s best to be prepared), and tissues (lots of them, as many bathrooms here in Asia do not provide them for you).

4.What was the best movie you have seen recently?

Prisoner, although it was a disturbing subject it was the best made movie I have seen in a while. Also it was the most recent movie I have watched so it’s the first that came to mind.

5. Full breakfast or on the go?

Always a full breakfast and always immediately when I wake up, otherwise I turn into the Incredible She-Hulk and start throwing things… okay not that bad (but don’t ask Chad).

6. What do you first notice on another person?

Their hair.

7.Do you agree “Less is More”?

Yes, but only in material things, you can never have too much love, laughter, fun, etc.

8. You can’t live without…

My husband, daughter, family, friends, internet to stay connected, and delicious food (you know it had to be in here somewhere).

9. First love is unforgettable but second love is lovelier. Do you agree?

I am not sure about the first love being unforgettable part, I think I did not realize what true love was until I met Chad. Everything before that was more like strong infatuation and unhealthy attachment.  So I guess I don’t agree…?

10. Last but not least: Have you already bought your Christmas gifts or at least made a list?

This year since we are in Asia, we are just buying small things for Z and nothing for anyone else, so yes my shopping is pretty much completed.

The blogs I am nominating for the Liebster Award:

Scenes From Abroad- Teaching in Taiwan and Korea A great blog written by a gentleman living and teaching English in Korea (previously Taiwan) and how he embraces the culture, language, and life of wherever he is.

The Places We Go A blog written by fellow long-term travelers who have children. I always enjoy reading about their adventures on the road.

Facts and Fables A blog that grabs my mind and thoughts with posts about historical figures and cultures. I love it!

EncyclopediaPearl A travel blog that has amazing pictures and tons of fun stories and information about many places, most recently Thailand.

The Homeschooling Doctor A blog written by a mom who teaches her children at home, who also happens to be a doctor. Her posts are very interesting and I love how she supports a whole foods diet.

A Note From Abroad A blog written by a couple that have sold their belongings and decided to travel the world. Their posts have taught me new things and I love their pictures.

There were a couple of other blogs that I wanted to nominate but they were already nominated! 🙂 So honorable mention to Free but fun! and Kids “R” Simple.

If you wonderful bloggers choose to accept the award, here are 10 Questions I have for you:

1. What made you want to start a blog?

2. Where would you live if you could choose anywhere?

3. What do you look for while traveling… museums, nature, culture, arts, or something else?

4. What is the most recent book you have read?

5. Snow or Sun? Which do you prefer?

6. What’s your favorite food/dish?

7. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

8. If you could be any character from a movie, who would you be?

9.  What is your favorite Christmas meal?

10. If you could change one physical feature about yourself , what would you change?

I cannot wait to see the answers from all the blogs I have nominated and get to know everyone better and hopefully find some new blogs.  Thanks again to The Blackberry Boys for the nomination!

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