Wednesday Write-Up: Memories Part 2

On Monday I started a week-long series sharing my favorite pictures from our travels in preparation for the new year. Mondays post encompassed our time traveling in the States, Curacao, Portugal, Disneyland Paris, and Budapest, Hungary. Today my post will be about the months of July to October, where we visited Greece and Taiwan. I have included links to my posts about these places in the captions of the photos.

Just a quick note here before I start with the pictures, I have had the pleasure of meeting (here in the blogosphere) some amazing bloggers this past year and I wanted to give you their links here so you can check them out. Some of them write about travel, some parenthood, some crafting and arts, and some just about life in general, but all of them are enriching, fun, and informative. So make sure to check them out, follow or subscribe to them and get to know them better in 2014!  Journeys of the FabulistKukolinaGallivanceFree But Fun!The Blackberry BoysItaly Take TwoThe Homeschooling DoctorKids “R” Simple. Thank you for all your support, encouragement, and friendship!


After we left Budapest, we spent one history filled day in Athens, Greece. Here are all three of us in front of the Parthenon.


Another view of the Parthenon in Athens. 


Chad and Zoë swimming in the clear blue warm water in Drios, on Paros Island, Greece. We spent 17 days there and fell in love with it. We definitely want to return some day soon!


Our favorite place to eat and hang out in Drios, Taverna Agkrya. It was quite literally, our second home on the island.


Every village on Paros Island had at least one of these tiny churches. I thought they were just beautiful.


Before flying out to Taipei, Taiwan we spent one more day shopping in Athens


Our first apartment in Taiwan was in this building in Banciao, Taipei. We were on the 39th floor and it was quite a luxurious place.


The view on the Metro in Taipei during rush hour.


The walkway to our next place in Taipei. A little house set back into the “jungle” right smack dab in the center of the city. 


Here I am with Zoë, trying to look like I am okay with this whole “being in a gondola hundreds of feet up in the air” thing on the Maokong Gondolas near Taipei. I think I pulled it off… Don’t you?


The Taipei Water Park. We spent much time here cooling down this past summer. It was incredibly inexpensive, very clean, and tons of fun!

We spent three months in Taipei and there are just too many pictures to include them all. If you would like to know more about Taipei, make sure to check out my many posts on this incredible metropolis. You can just enter “Taipei” or “Taiwan” in the search box just to the right of this post and find all you would like to know about our time there. 

Friday will be my final post about our travels in 2013! Thank you again for reading and please feel free to subscribe, follow, and share! Happy New Year to you all!

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