Wednesday Write-Up: Unending Exhaustion

As I lay dying resting during my recent illness, I thought about this blog much of the time… Well, that and how I desperately wanted to feel better of course. Luckily I am feeling almost all better. I am also lucky that my wonderful partner-in-crime helped and filled in for me on Monday so no posts were skipped despite my body telling me it was done with my abuse. I am sure thankful I married such a great guy (Thanks Chad!).

Anyways, I have come away  from my little health hiccup with a renewed desire to make this blog the most interesting, most informative, and most personal blog possible. Who knew that delirious fevers are good for opening your mind to new ideas? I feel like I have some good posts in store for And Three To Go. Not only that, but Chad and I have also been talking about taking the blog in more directions than just written posts as well. It should be interesting and fun!

On a different note, I admit that my creativity has been drying up these last few months, I have been struggling with overwhelming exhaustion. Well, I have been tired since I had Zoë, which makes sense, most people who have small children are often tired and sleep deprived. But this lack of energy and focus I have been struggling with has continued to get worse and worse, especially since I weaned Z last year. I originally chalked it up to hormonal changes and a possibility of post weaning depression. Then I thought it was because I wasn’t sleeping enough, but now Z sleeps through the night and I get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. I am still dragging every day.  It can’t possibly still be hormones as I am sure that they would have re-righted themselves by now… I mean, come on, it’s been a year right?! So I am thinking it must be something nutritional or physical, so I am going to go to the doctor here and get a full medical work-up. I am hoping it is something easy like an iron deficiency. If it’s not, then I hope it is some other sort of easy fix, because I want to have energy and be normal again!

I didn't have a picture of me yawning, so I figured a lion yawning would be a close second.
I didn’t have a picture of me yawning, so I figured a lion yawning would be a close second.

Until I get my check-up, I am hoping you all can help me. Have you ever had a time when you just didn’t have the  “get up and go” you once had? What did you do?  Was there a supplement or diet change that helped?  Leave me a comment and let me know. Hopefully I can get my head and energy back so I can move forward with all the wonderful things I have in mind for this blog! Thanks for reading and commenting.
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