Wednesday Write-Up: Oh, But California

As I was driving today through the near by town of Petaluma, California the song California by Joni Mitchell came on Spotify.  I turned it up as far as my iPhone speaker would let me and reminisced about what I have done and who I have seen far during this trip back to our “home” in Northern California.

We have been in California for three weeks now. We would have been leaving here in four days if it had not been for the incredible trip we have been given to England for Chads’ work. Now we have another two and a half weeks, which means I can slow down a little, right?!

Nope… actually I am on my way out to see more friends, so I will just leave you with the video above that reminds me so much of my coming home to California.

Do you have a favorite song about California? Share it if you like. Also if you have any posts about the UK or have read any that you liked, please share them! I am researching our trip there and am getting my list together. Thanks all!

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