Wednesday Write-Up: Anniversary


This month we is our one year anniversary of our love affair with Thailand! And what a year it has been, we started off in Bangkok for a few days, then made our way to Hua Hin, where we stayed for more three eventful months, then onto Phuket here for the last 9 months. Has it really been that long already? It’s crazy how long time has flown.

Our plan when we left the states was to eventually end up in Thailand forever, but every three months when we have to do a visa run, we mull over moving onto the next place. This world is so huge, the options of where to go seem limitless. We have many places (mostly Portugal) that we would love to visit again for longer periods of time, but nothing can compare with the food, housing prices, and beaches here in Thailand.  So we stay a bit longer and rest for a little while (a year now!) before we ramble on.

A wonderful part of settling for a bit in Phuket is that it is very easy to travel to other countries from here. Australia, Indonesia, China, and Nepal are places that we have on our list for visa runs. We have to leave the country every three months for our visa, so we are forced to travel (I know, we are very spoiled). It is perfect for our traveling lifestyle. We have a home base, but still get to see the world.

My happiness being settled has a short shelf life though, usually about two years, so we shall see how long Phuket holds us until we feel we must move on. Eventually we will tire of traveling around here and will be ready to go somewhere else.  I would love to do another run in Great Britain and Europe… but it has to be nice weather, so we will have to plan it for next summer hopefully.

I am excited to see what happens in the next years time, anything can happen! I cannot believe that we are here and that we have seen so much in the last year. Thanks for joining us on our journey and making it even more exciting with your love, comments, sharing, and encouragement!

What has been your favorite part of  your life in the last year? Was it travel? New family members? An awesome pair of shoes (if so, I am soooo jealous!)? Leave a comment and join in the conversation!

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