Wanted in Phuket: 5 Things


There are very few things that we are left wanting here in Phuket, Thailand. Phuket has gorgeous beaches, delicious food choices, inexpensive housing, and temperatures ranging from 25-40° C (77-104 °F) every day of the year. It’s got everything a person that wants to live on a tropical island can think of…. Well, almost.

There are five things that I desperately wish I could find here. And just to make myself want them even more, I am going to share them with you. And hey, if you feel like mailing some of them to me… that would be okay with me. Hint, hint.

*Disclaimer- None of these products asked me to review them or have compensated me in any way for writing about them. I am simply sharing about the things I love that I haven’t found in Phuket. For more information, feel free to check out our disclosures.*

1. Dr. Bronners Magical Soaps

My skin has never felt so healthy and vibrant as when I used Dr. Bronner’s  baby mild liquid soap . Not only do I love that the soap is made with all natural ingredients, but I love Dr. Bronner’s mission and company values. It is a company that I enjoy supporting and spreading the word about.

Oh, Dr. Bronner’s, how I miss you.

Finding “all-natural soap” here in Phuket is possible, but it just isn’t the same.  To mail liquid soap from the States is expensive, and so I have done without my beloved body wash.

2. Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste

Toothpaste is not something I write about often, but I must say that my breath has not been quite the same since we left the states almost two years ago.  I guess you should probably feel glad that you are simply reading my words and not smelling hearing them.

Well, it’s not that extreme, but I must say that my teeth have not felt fully clean since I ran out of my last tube of Tom’s. Please, someone in Phuket start selling this? For the sake of those around me having to smell my “fresh” breath.



3. Shoes in Gargantuan Larger Sizes for Women

There are many things that come along with having large feet as a women. I know, you are thinking about my incredible balance (not so much really), my feelings of being special (few women wear US size 11),  or maybe you are envious of the way my huge, ski-like feet distract people from looking at my sometimes crazy hair.  No it isn’t all those wonderful things, what I am talking about is that they do not sell my size shoes here in Phuket. Apparently I am ultra-special here.

All jesting aside, I would love to find a place here that sells cute shoes in my size. I have even asked where the lady-boys buy their larger sized ladies shoes, and apparently they have them specially made. So you may read a post in the future about the time I had shoes made for me at a Thai cobbler. Should make for an interesting read right?

So many shoes, and all in a size 8.
So many shoes, and all in a size 8.


4. Face/Body Lotion That IS NOT Whitening

Here in Thailand many of the locals desire whiter skin, it’s very obvious to see from taking a look at the lotion aisle in any store. Almost every product is whitening. This doesn’t only go for face lotion, but body lotions, sunscreens, and even deodorants. Finding something that lets me keep me my glowing tan can be difficult.  So, for those stocking the body care aisles here in Phuket, more lotions that don’t whiten, please?

I think these girls have been over-applying the whitening creams.
I think these girls have been over-applying the whitening creams. Not for me, thanks.

5. Craft Beers/Ciders

I bet you thought this whole post was going to be about hygiene and shoes, right? Well, I couldn’t leave out my favorite beverage on a hot day!

There is a sweeping wave of popularity around the world for craft beers and ciders that are known for their high quality and diverse flavors. That wave hasn’t really made it to Phuket yet. There are a couple of places here in Phuket that offer a few craft beers and ciders, but they are at extremely exorbitant prices, $10-12 a bottle! I would love to have the choices of some different refreshing drinks at a cheaper price.

There are not shelves of craft beer like this here in Phuket.
There are not shelves of craft beer like this here in Phuket.

So, for my last wish, Phuket, can you start stocking some craft beers and ciders? Preferably from California? Thanks, that’s all.


What are some of the things that you wish would be sold in your area? What would you miss most from your home town if you moved? Leave a comment and join in the conversation!


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