To walk is human; to dive is divine.

Already in training . . . let's go!
Already in training . . . let’s go!

Three gospel truths about scuba diving

Or maybe three ways in which deep-water-diving might just be the most amazing thing you can do during your time here on earth.

Or perhaps . . .

I had a hard time choosing the title for this article. I wanted it to be part of our “3 Things” series, but I also wanted a title that would capture the profound love I have for exploring the ocean’s depths.

To boldly go below and above.
To boldly go below and above.

You see, about nine months ago I got my SSI diving certification through SeaBees Diving in Chalong, Phuket. It was something I had always dreamed of doing, and after a discover dive in Koh Phi Phi many years ago, I had determined that I had to go all the way and become a certified scuba diver. The certification was all I had dreamed it would be: great instruction, sunny days, and 5 dives in crystal clear water.

Basically I was in love with my newfound underwater paradise.

I may have gone overboard . . . get it? (DAD JOKE!)
I may have gone overboard . . . get it? (DAD JOKE!)

Sadly, Jenny was not able to share in my newfound passion, as she has a phobia of confining masks, but it is something she is working on. Currently she has overcome some of her fear, and has even snorkeled successfully on our last island trip. Before I understood her phobia, I would rattle on for hours and hours about why diving is such a life changing experience, and why she must, absolutely must, go diving. I even looked up articles on taking our three-year old daughter under the sea, but alas she has to be at least 8 years old before she can begin training… I am already counting down the days.

Without further ado, here are just three (I have lots more, trust me) reasons why I believe that scuba diving is one of the most heavenly things one can do while here on earth.

The land is but a small part...
Ocean on the left, Ocean on the right.
  1. You get to travel the waterways of the world:
    Traveling the earth is amazing. If you read this blog I have a feeling you might believe the same thing. And as much as we love hiking, biking, and driving, it only gets us so far. The earth is 71% water, and diving opens up all new waterways, and boat rides, and adventures above and below the ocean. If the road ever gets weary, I advise seeking out the oceans, lakes, and rivers and then getting beneath them.

    The water just calls your name. Fish below!
    The water just calls your name. Fish below!
  2. It’s better than an aquarium.
    Aquariums are amazing and I have rarely met anyone who doesn’t agree. The colors, the sounds, the fish, the animals, and the surreal feeling that you are viewing an alien world up close is astounding. But imagine stepping beyond the barrier, to become one with that colorful, vibrant world. I cannot begin to tell you just how awe-inspiring it is to have fish, turtles, eels, and even sharks swim around you and welcome you into their submarine world. Or to explore inside ghostly sunken ships, or to clamber between tunnels of rock and coral as the sun dips its rays through the blue depths. It is simply impossible to describe.

    This isn't flying, but at least the landing will be wet.
    This isn’t flying, but at least the landing will be wet.
  3. You get to fly!
    My favorite thing to say is that diving is like being on another planet, and being able to fly! As a child I would dream of flying all the time, but every morning I would wake and put my fantasy to the test. After every leap and eventual crash I would quickly realize that the dream would never be made real . . . until I dipped into the ocean that very first time. With nothing more than a deep breath, or an exhale of air, I could go up, and then down, hovering over the rocks like a superhero (I thought about wearing a cape, but I think that might be too much). The feeling of weightlessness is absolutely surreal.

Those are the three that I had to choose. I could have gone on about the friends you meet, or how much exercise you might get, or the skills you will build when you scuba dive. But I had to choose three, and I hope they are enough to entice you to dive at the earliest opportunity.

In coming posts I will present my favorite dive sites here in Phuket, and hopefully elsewhere in the world as we travel. I am planning a trip to the Similan Islands in the near future and can’t wait to share my underwater adventures with you.

Chad R. Mitchell

Question time: What is your favorite activity and why is it scuba diving? Where is your favorite place to dive and why is it Thailand? All joking aside how much do you love scuba diving and why is it so much? Okay, okay . . . tell us if you dive, and where! And if you don’t what is keeping you from it?

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