Monday Montage: Prayers for Bangkok

I know that I had determined to make Monday Montages about positive things, but something happened last week in Bangkok, Thailand that I cannot be silent about. Last week, two bombs went off in Bangkok, the first near the Erawan Shrine which killed more than 20 people and injured over 100. The second bomb went off the following day, luckily just showering people nearby with debris.  These attacks just make me sick to my stomach, I feel so much for the families and friends that have been affected by this disgusting act of cowardice.

Thailand is an amazing country and it saddens me that because of these heinous attacks there are people who have decided not to travel in Thailand. Thailand is supported in part by tourism and the bomber(s) are getting exactly what they want if everyone stops coming to Thailand. Thailand needs your presence and your money, now more than ever! So don’t give up your holiday here, come and visit! And whether or not you are able to visit, please pray for Bangkok! Thanks friends!

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