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So Much to Do

I hate using cliches in writing this blog, but I find myself thinking over and over again, “so much to do, so little time”. Its true, our time is short for our hometown of Santa Rosa, even shorter still for the home that we have lived in these past three years. We are moving out of this amazing home we… Read more →

Training in Trusting

Chad has been in England for the past two weeks, which has given me many opportunities to learn, prepare, and mature as a mom, wife, and soon to be world traveler. This past week especially has been trying and emotional for many reasons, and yes, you get to hear all about them! I take my hat off to all of… Read more →

A Million Miles Away

A Million Miles Away By Chad R. Mitchell   “To travel is to live.” H.C. Anderson There was a time when a man would leave his home, set out on the sea for months at a time, and leave loved ones waiting behind. He would shoulder his rucksack, pull his pea coat tight about him and stare longingly at the… Read more →

What a Week! The Fun Begins!

Wow, what a week this has been! First of all, we had Zoë’s dedication last Sunday morning. I have wanted to have her dedicated at our church since we started attending regularly when she was 3 weeks old. Time flies by though and when Chad and I decided that we would definitely be traveling, one of the first things on… Read more →

Doors and Windows

Things have been coming together like I could never have imagined this past week. It is amazing to me to see how God has opened the doors (and all the windows too!) to get us going on our trip! I know that some of you may feel that I come off as a holy roller, but if I leave out… Read more →

Chad here. Checking in. Sharing thoughts. Making Plans.

Hey! This is the man who is fortunate enough to be by Jenny’s side on this great adventure. Thought I would share a few things… One of the most painful parts of leaving is telling others we are going. It is hard for many reasons. Most often it is hard because of the sadness, anger, and guilt that is returned.… Read more →

A Scary Realization

As Chad wrote about in the last post (thanks Chad!) we are both very anxious that Zoë will get sick or hurt while we are traveling. This has been ever present on our minds and something happened yesterday that reminded me that I am not in control of this no matter where we are. Before Zoë was born, Chad and… Read more →

Doubt, Fear, And Where Do We Go From Here?

Change presents an exciting opportunity for adventure. Change is something to enjoy, learn from, and grow into. Change comes to us all in many forms. To some it is as monumental and overwhelming as choosing a new pair of shoes. To others it is as simple and easy as a new home. For us it comes in the form of… Read more →

Support and Encouragement

While Chad and I were praying, seeking counsel, and waiting for God to answer our pleas for direction about taking our trip, I realized that support and encouragement are two very different things. To support, according to the dictionary, is to bear all or part of the weight of; to hold up. The definition of encourage is to give support,… Read more →

And So It Begins

There are many things that people could say about me, but I do not believe anyone could say that I am a natural writer. For this reason, I am so glad that I will not be writing this blog on my own. I have a partner in crime, my husband, Chad, who is a writer among many other amazing things.… Read more →

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