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And Then Sometimes You Embarrass Yourself Horribly

During the past fifteen months of traveling around the world, we have been on over thirty airplanes. We have had flights delayed (almost always American Airlines),  flights cancelled (always American Airlines), and almost missed our flights. Most often the almost missed flights have been due to traffic on the way to the airport, or looking at the departure times incorrectly, but last… Read more →

Typhoons, Tailbones, and Time

So I have to admit that we did nothing this week that could be considered touristy. We lived a blessed life this week again, for sure. But I have nothing special to write about, as far as what you should see or do in Taipei. The “typhoon” (I use quotation marks because honestly I have seen far worse storms in… Read more →

Wednesday Write-Up: Constants in an Inconstant World

There are few things that are constant in this world. It is always changing and evolving, and we are always trying to destroy improve the earth around us. But in each place that we live or travel to there are constants. In Santa Rosa, California, my home town, there will always be beautiful vineyards and inflated home prices. In Taipei,… Read more →

Travel Days Better Left Forgotten

It was our last day in Athens, Greece. We had left our island paradise of Drios, Paros Island, the day before so we could make our flight the next day to Taipei, Taiwan. We were prepared, or so we thought. It started out as a good day, the sun was shining, we were excited to go do some last minute… Read more →

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