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3 Ways to Make Long-Term Travel Stressful

Chad, Z, and I have been living and traveling outside our home country of America for over two years now. The first year all we did was travel from place to place with no home base. During that time I learned some ways that I could make our travels stressful. It’s a special gift that I have, so I decided to share them… Read more →

3 Tips for International Trips

I was reminded of what I felt the first time traveling outside my home country when my sister and brother-in-law visited earlier this month.  I had almost forgotten the feelings of awe, culture shock, and fear that international travel can cause. And so, after many conversations with our siblings, I decided to write this post. Not only to remind myself to be compassionate… Read more →

5 Ways Kids Make Travel Better

There are a lot of people out there that think that once they have children, their traveling days are over. This pains me every time I hear it, read it, or see it. Don’t sell yourselves short! There is absolutely no reason that you cannot travel after your family begins to grow. In fact, there are many reasons that I… Read more →

5 things that I hate about travel

by Chad R. Mitchell Lately I have been feeling a bit different about this path we have chosen. The life of the traveler is always an adventure, but sometimes the adventures grow old. Sadly, when I feel frustrated, or exhausted, I have the terrible habit of blaming those around me, rather than examining the real reasons I am down. Or… Read more →

Five Things To Make Your Travel Day Easier

I have gotten lazy in my life as a long term traveler. I have started to assume that all the pieces of getting from place to another will just fall into place. We have had much luck getting from place to place considering how much planning we have actually done for the finer details. On our way out of Tokyo I… Read more →

5 Tips For Traveling by Overnight Bus

We just traveled by overnight bus from Hua Hin, Thailand to Phuket, Thailand. Chad and I were excited. We love being on the road to a new destination, and our favorite ways of getting from place to place are either by train or bus. Despite the longer time traveling than by airplane, we both feel so much more accomplished and… Read more →

Traveling With a Toddler: 5 Apps That Will Save Your Life

Okay…I admit that I exaggerated a bit in the title of this post. But, for anyone that has traveled with a toddler, it can seem like life or death sometimes (cue dramatic music). How much stress can one parent stand before we keel over, am I right? Whether you go on a quick road trip, a 10 hour flight, or… Read more →

5 Ways to Make Your Move Easier

Now that we are officially on the road and have been living out of our suitcases for the past 6 days, I have some hindsight on things I would do differently next time around. Hopefully this post will save you some pain and suffering if you decide to move or travel to a foreign country. Give Yourself Time This is… Read more →

Yin Yang of Travel

Last week I wrote about the reasons that I love to travel and this week I want to write about the things that I could live without on our journey. I have always considered myself a “realist”, which some people call negative or pessimistic. I protest this misunderstanding heavily. Being a realist is having a positive attitude that something may/will… Read more →

Getting Stuck in the Web

As I have said in previous posts I am not very good at researching on the internet. I am constantly overwhelmed and feel like the words and pictures all start to blend together into one big blurry sentence that says “Stop wasting my time Jen and just ask Chad”. No, really, I swear that the computer tells me to just… Read more →

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