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Our Time in Taipei (2014)

Taipei is a city that I fall more and more in love with each time we visit. Chad and I used to live there, way before Z came along. Because of that, we made sure to visit there (for three months) in our travels around the world in 2013, and then just recently went for a quick visit/visa run before Christmas.… Read more →

Monday Montage: Goodbye Taipei

We have arrived in Bangkok, Thailand!  I am currently hanging out in our short term rental that we got on airbnb.com and relaxing after a very long day of traveling. Here are the last pictures I took of Taipei, Taiwan. I cannot believe our time there is up already, it was very sad leaving our friends, but I was ready… Read more →

CKS Memorial Hall and Liberty Square

This past Sunday was a gorgeous day that made us want to be out of the house, which is not normal for us. Sundays are usually our lazy days, but with our time dwindling in Taipei and the wonderful warm weather, we had to take the opportunity to see more of the city. Chad had the idea to go to… Read more →

Monday Montage: Last Week In Taiwan

This week is our last week in Taipei and we have been trying to see everything that we haven’t had a chance to yet. It turned out that we ran out of time to see Hualien and Taroko Gorge (again, Ack!). Well, I guess that that will be the first destination for our next trip to Taiwan. Next week we… Read more →

Wednesday Write-Up: Spiritual Lesson Learned

Every Tuesday for the past five weeks I have made my way to Grace Baptist Church near the Gongguan area of Taipei to attend Bible Study Fellowship. I  have really enjoyed studying and discussing the Bible with my discussion group, a wonderful group of Taiwanese women that have been incredibly warm and welcoming.  I loved getting to know my group,… Read more →

Monday Montage: Milestones and Typhoons

We had another typhoon make its way through Taipei again this week (ok, it was just really rainy and more of an inconvenience than anything else) . This means that we were stuck in the house for a couple of days, but luckily I still had enough opportunity to take some pictures to share with you. I hope you enjoy them. Read more →

Best Street Food in Taipei

In our previous time living in Taipei, there was one night market that I enjoyed more than any other. The Shihlin Night Market is by far the best in the Taipei area. We went there the other night, so I can give you details as to why this is the market to go to. You may not want to read this… Read more →

Monday Montage: Maiden Voyage

I have been thinking for a while now that I would like to add another day to my scheduled blog posts. The problem was that I couldn’t decide on what I should do with it. Then the other day, I was out and about and I started texting my Mom pictures of the things I saw as I went about… Read more →

The Best Way to Cool Down: Taipei Water Park

We have been blessed with wonderfully hot days since we have landed in Taiwan. If you have read some of my earlier posts, you would know that this is the kind of weather we were looking forward to for our whole trip. I love hot weather, either humid or dry, and my body craves the sunshine. I am a much… Read more →

Wednesday Write-Up: And Now a Post about Nothing In Particular

I do not know why I am having a hard time knowing what to write today. I have plenty to write about this week, but choosing just one thing is not working for my brain. Maybe it is the fact that for some reason, Zoë woke up two times last night thinking it was morning and wanting to play, and… Read more →

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