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River Safari Singapore

One nice thing about getting food poisoning on the regular, is that you know that it will not last more than 24 hours. See, there are bright sides to everything! The day after our Universal Studios fun, we decided to check out the River Safari Singapore.  I have to admit that as of late, my eyes have been opened to the… Read more →

Nothing’s Gonna Stop My Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

One thing that all three of us at And Three To Go have in common, is our love of FUN!!  This was definitely the case, recently when we traveled to Singapore for our yearly visa renewal. Z is now tall enough to ride most of the rides at any of the theme/amusement parks and so Chad and I decided that… Read more →

Food Poisoning Among Other Things

What happens when a travel blogger goes to Singapore and gets food poisoning from a chicken sandwich at the airport on her way? She writes a very short blog post and saves her energy for the fun part of traveling, like Universal Studios Singapore and River Safari (more on these in next weeks post when I am not dehydrated and physically spent).… Read more →

Monday Montage:Singapore

We did more than just eat in Singapore. Although, who am I fooling, what’s more fun than eating delicious food? We also walked around Orchard Road, went to the Zoo, and hung out at Changi Airport. I know it may seem a little weird to hang out at an airport, but Changi Airport is one of a kind. There is… Read more →

Simply Savoring Singapore

On Monday I promised you a post about Singapore… Even more I promised you a post about the FOOD I ate in Singapore! Well the wait is over! I couldn’t hold off on this one, it was just too much fun to experience and write about. We were in Singapore to do some visa stuff and I actually remembered to take… Read more →

Monday Montage: Five Cee’s

I have been long awaiting this day! Today one of my favorite bloggers, Bronwyn from Journeys of the Fabulist, has kindly written a post about her neck of the woods, Singapore! Make sure to check out her blog and follow it, because her wit and insight into expat life, travel, and parenting are always a great time! She is an… Read more →

Singapore: The End

We did more than I had ever imagined we could in the first four days we were in Singapore. It shows that Singapore is very easy to get around and highly organized. There is also so much information on the web and from other blogs, that much of the places we went were not that surprising, I knew what to expect… Read more →

Wednesday Write-Up: Singapore Part 4

Our fourth day in Singapore landed on a Monday. We had been running around and seeing the sights in Singapore and now it was a day to do some not-so-fun things. Well, only one not-so-fun thing really…It was our only day to find the Thai embassy and apply for our visitors visas. For those of you that have never had… Read more →

Singapore: Part Three

Despite my us all being tired and sore from a long day of walking around the zoo in the heat, Z woke us at 6:30 a.m. again for our third fun-filled day in Singapore. In all seriousness, I was sore like I had run a marathon. Okay, I admit I have never run a marathon, but I have run a… Read more →

Wednesday Write-Up: Singapore-Part Two

 I try to write about how we are doing on my Wednesday Write-Up’s, not what we have been doing, but I just have so much to write about Singapore that I have to keep writing about it. I am hoping that you will not be completely fried on Singapore by the time I am done, but want to visit it… Read more →

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