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When all else fails, share photos!

It has been an awesome and busy week here in Phuket. Busy with work and awesome family time. Today I have photos to share because I have not done anything out of the ordinary….OH EXCEPT buying our tickets to visit the states! Woo Hoo! North America we will see you in October!   And now for the pictures:    … Read more →

Food Poisoning Among Other Things

What happens when a travel blogger goes to Singapore and gets food poisoning from a chicken sandwich at the airport on her way? She writes a very short blog post and saves her energy for the fun part of traveling, like Universal Studios Singapore and River Safari (more on these in next weeks post when I am not dehydrated and physically spent).… Read more →

Photo Issues….Help!

I have had computer issues today… In fact, I had almost completed my post about our trip to Koh Lanta, Thailand today and then had to spend an hour and a half trying to figure out how to get the damn photos into my computer so that I could place them in my post. But my computer is out of… Read more →

MM: Mundane or Not

Life is life no matter where you are. It can be as exciting or as mundane as you choose. The place you live may provide some initial differences, but as one lives in a place, normalcy sets in. This is why I often forget to write about things that may seem interesting and different to those that don’t live here.… Read more →

Being Sick as an Expat in Thailand

We have been in quarantine this week… Yep, the people in this house have been sick, sick, sick lately. Except for me! Well, except for my appendicitis, but that was  over a month ago and I am fully healed (even able to do push-ups again, woo hoo! Well, 8 push-ups, but it’s a start). I am just so thankful that… Read more →

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