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Monday Montage: Medical Emergency in Phuket-Part 2

Last week, I began telling the story of my not-so-fun night away in a Phuket hospital due to a medical emergency. I had appendicitis and after a whirlwind day in the hospital, I had surgery and began my 2-night stay at Bangkok Hospital Phuket. This is the continuation and completion of my time in the hospital recuperating from my appendectomy in today’s… Read more →

A Not-So-Fun Night Away: Medical Emergency in Phuket-Part 1

I had fully intended to write a post about my Moms Night Out that I had recently, but then I was given a different type of night away, a not-so-fun night away. I had a medical emergency and spent two nights and three days in the hospital. I could gloss over the details and give you the short story, but… Read more →

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