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The Real World Phuket A32G Edition

That’s right, this is the real world Phuket!     No no no, not that “Real World”, the one from MTV, just our real life here in Phuket. That show used to be so cool. I just found out it is still being made! My gosh… 31 seasons, nope I don’t feel old at all! First paragraph of my post… Read more →

What’s Going On 2016

2016 IS HALFWAY OVER!!!   We have not been doing much traveling this year, but we do have some travels planned for the future. I figured I would share them with you all and you can get excited along with me. And maybe you could give some suggestions of things to do and see as well!   USA USA USA    … Read more →

Glimpses of the Past

Recently I have been uploading all my millions thousands of photos into Google Photos and what a glimpse into the past it has been. So much fun in these past few years since we have left the States!  It makes me want to travel more. Luckily we are getting the chance! America this year and maybe Singapore or Kuala Lumpur…… Read more →

Hotter than Hades and Other Phuket Stories

It has been literally hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement here in Phuket the two months. There was  a Facebook post from the local English newspaper, Phuket Gazette (shared in April) that someone actually cracked an egg on her balcony and it cooked, albeit it took 5 hours, but still…! It’s hotter than Hades I tell you! Well, maybe… Read more →

Photo Issues….Help!

I have had computer issues today… In fact, I had almost completed my post about our trip to Koh Lanta, Thailand today and then had to spend an hour and a half trying to figure out how to get the damn photos into my computer so that I could place them in my post. But my computer is out of… Read more →

Traveling Family Time

My in-laws are visiting. For 3 weeks. I know those words could possibly strike fear in the heart of any married person I know. Lucky for me, both sides of the family are pretty awesome and easy to get along with. Whew. This trip is my parent-in-laws first time out of the USA (besides Montreal, Canada, but does that really… Read more →

You ask, I Answer!

I have been living in Thailand for two years now! I know, time flies when you are eating amazing Thai food. Yep, always comes back to food with me. But a food post is for another day. My lovely friend, Terri at The Homeschooling Doctor asked me some questions in a recent comment and I really wanted to answer them. I always… Read more →

I Am Not Going To Stop!

I am not going to give up on And Three To Go. I am not going to stop! You may have read my recent post about how I reviewed my priorities here on the blog and I  decided to scale back a bit. I feel like I may have been a bit confusing, so I wanted to reiterate what I… Read more →

Monday Montage: An Oasis on the Island of Phuket

I have been doing some creative things away from the computer lately! Woo Hoo! A friend of mine here in Phuket owns and operates an awesome business where she facilitates and schedules different types of classes at her little workshop and around the island. I have now taken a class in clay work and a series of three classes to… Read more →

Monday Montage: Review

I recently read an article on one of my favorite blogs,  Life, the Universe and Lani about her review of what she was doing for her blog and redefining what it was supposed to be for her. Lani’s post has made me start to reevaluate my thoughts about my blog as well. I started this blog as a way to… Read more →

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