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I Fell in Love with Koh Lanta because of Yang Garden Restaurant

I recently had a conversation with a friend that the deliciousness of the food of a destination can make or break it for me. If you have followed this blog for even just a little bit of time, you probably already know that I LOVE food. Like completely, seriously, obsessively love good food. This may be because I am not… Read more →

A Beautiful Meal at Suay Restaurant

Suay, meaning beautiful in Thai, is the perfect name for the quaint little culinary heaven that Chad and I went to recently. Located in Phuket Town, if you live in Phuket or are just visiting, I would highly suggest taking some time out to enjoy a meal at Suay. This restaurant is owned and operated by Chef Tammasak, who not… Read more →

The Place That Brings a SMILE To My Face

I feel like it has been such a long time since I have recommended a restaurant here on And Three To Go. Oh my goodness, it has been since March of this year! I am rather disappointed in myself. I am not sharing my food obsession nearly enough lately. Lucky for me, we went to SMILE Restaurant while we visited Khao Lak,… Read more →

Calling all Cat Lovers: An Afternoon at the B Cat Café

Missing your cat while you are here in Phuket on holiday? Feel like you want to play with cute kitties while you snack? Well, then you must visit the B Cat Café in Phuket Town! I admit, I have never been a lover of cats. To be honest, I have always been a little scared of them, mostly because my mom… Read more →

More than a Meal at Phuket Fish Market Restaurant

There is only one thing that I love more than having a delicious meal, and that is having a delicious meal while belting out awesome songs in a karaoke room! I finally found this at Phuket Fish Market Restaurant right near where I live in Phuket! A month or so ago, I was out with a good friend and after… Read more →

Simply Savoring Singapore

On Monday I promised you a post about Singapore… Even more I promised you a post about the FOOD I ate in Singapore! Well the wait is over! I couldn’t hold off on this one, it was just too much fun to experience and write about. We were in Singapore to do some visa stuff and I actually remembered to take… Read more →

Flip Side: Best Burgers in Phuket

I know this may come as a surprise, but I love delicious food! And one of my favorite foods has always been a big, sloppy burger. I think of hamburgers as an American staple and there was a severe lack of good ones here in Phuket. That was until I found Flip Side Beer and Burger Bar. Flip Side recently opened in Rawaii, on the… Read more →

3 Thai Dishes to Die For

Food is adventure. While traveling the world where much of what we have done and seen is at least partially known to us through  technology and review sites, the food is always a walk on the wild side. The local dishes in the places that one travels can excite, disturb, or on extremely rare occasions, sicken you. Putting that spoon… Read more →

Our Favorite Restaurant in Penang: Sri Ananda Bahwan

      With every place we visit, I am looking at the food to make or break it for me. Malaysia is a very diverse country, which means very diverse food choices. That is especially good for me, as I am not the biggest fan of the traditional Malaysian dishes. Whenever we go to Malaysia, I have one thing… Read more →

Yes, The Food in England Was Delicious! And No, I Am Not Joking!

One of the things that I was worried about going to England was that the food wouldn’t be very good. In fact, I was worried that it would be bland and inedible, the word “cardboard” pops into my head. You see, that is what I have always been told back in the land of my birth, California. And the really crazy thing… Read more →

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