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Monday Montage: Medical Emergency in Phuket-Part 2

Last week, I began telling the story of my not-so-fun night away in a Phuket hospital due to a medical emergency. I had appendicitis and after a whirlwind day in the hospital, I had surgery and began my 2-night stay at Bangkok Hospital Phuket. This is the continuation and completion of my time in the hospital recuperating from my appendectomy in today’s… Read more →

A Not-So-Fun Night Away: Medical Emergency in Phuket-Part 1

I had fully intended to write a post about my Moms Night Out that I had recently, but then I was given a different type of night away, a not-so-fun night away. I had a medical emergency and spent two nights and three days in the hospital. I could gloss over the details and give you the short story, but… Read more →

Monday Montage: Camera

I got a new camera for my birthday! It’s a Cannon point-and-shoot and fits easily in my purse, WOO HOO! This means that I have been trying it out and taking it with me everywhere. So far I am loving the ease with which I can take pictures and the quality of them. Now if I could just learn to take… Read more →

3 Tips for Moving to Thailand

It was our dream for many years to travel the world and then settle in Thailand. We did it. We traveled through Europe, Taiwan, and finally made it to Thailand after a year of being on the road. There are so many reasons to move to this amazing country, low cost-of-living expenses, delicious food, wonderfully balmy hot weather, and a… Read more →

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