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Tips For Traveling With a Toddler: Our Favorite Apps

I am ashamed to admit that I used to look down on parents that let their children have cell phones before they were teens. That was before I was a parent traveling the world with my toddler daughter.  I am now the parent of a 3-year-old that has her own iPad Mini. Yep, I am constantly eating humble pie since… Read more →

Traveling With a Toddler: 5 Apps That Will Save Your Life

Okay…I admit that I exaggerated a bit in the title of this post. But, for anyone that has traveled with a toddler, it can seem like life or death sometimes (cue dramatic music). How much stress can one parent stand before we keel over, am I right? Whether you go on a quick road trip, a 10 hour flight, or… Read more →

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