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3 Things I’ve Learned While Driving In Thailand

Living in Thailand is an eye-opening experience in many ways, but driving here is a whole other thing. These 3 things are the most interesting and strange to me. 1. Who Needs a Car? ~~When you can have a scooter instead?~~ This one amazes, scares, and infuriates me all at the same time. There are many people who own cars here,… Read more →

3 Ways to Make Long-Term Travel Stressful

Chad, Z, and I have been living and traveling outside our home country of America for over two years now. The first year all we did was travel from place to place with no home base. During that time I learned some ways that I could make our travels stressful. It’s a special gift that I have, so I decided to share them… Read more →

3 Reasons I Love Lisbon

It has been TWO YEARS (!!!!)  since we started on our travels and said good-bye to the good ol’ US of A. I feel so blessed to be able to see more of this amazing earth that we inhabit, but there was one place that has stuck with me and I still miss – Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon was the first European stop on… Read more →

3 Things To Know When Visiting Wat Chalong

It has been almost a year since we stopped in Chalong, Phuket along our travels. And one of the first places that I visited (and met some of my now good friends) was the Wat Chalong Chinese New Years market/fair (you can read about that day here).  Unfortunately on that day I did not take the time to walk around the… Read more →

To walk is human; to dive is divine.

Three gospel truths about scuba diving Or maybe three ways in which deep-water-diving might just be the most amazing thing you can do during your time here on earth. Or perhaps . . . I had a hard time choosing the title for this article. I wanted it to be part of our “3 Things” series, but I also wanted… Read more →

3 Ways I Want to Be a Better Traveler and/or Person

There are many “things” that can make travel easier, new products or life hacks that make it seem that you have all the amenities of home with you wherever you go. One thing that I have realized in my travels,  is that the physical things that you carry along with you end up just being useless extra weight if your character… Read more →

3 Tips for International Trips

I was reminded of what I felt the first time traveling outside my home country when my sister and brother-in-law visited earlier this month.  I had almost forgotten the feelings of awe, culture shock, and fear that international travel can cause. And so, after many conversations with our siblings, I decided to write this post. Not only to remind myself to be compassionate… Read more →

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