Taco Bell Breakfast – Delightful Disgust

America: Part 2 of 3
By: Chad R. Mitchell

“Don’t you tell me you’re full
Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it”

Weird Al Yankovic – Eat it

America is synonymous with food. Greater, grander, more, and more… Just eat it all, eat it now, and don’t stop eating. Providence has provided this country with an overabundance of all that mankind can consume, and consume it we do. Mind you that we at Andthreetogo are proponents of healthy, quality eating, and that we do strongly believe in the Organic and Non-GMO food movements. We even have participated in Anti-Monsanto protests around the world, and hold this cause very dear to our hearts.

That being said, Chad we also occasionally like to indulge in the forbidden fruit… the all terrible and evil corporate behemoth that is fast food. This happens maybe once every few years, but everything in moderation right?
Editorial Note: Jenny and Zoë take no part in this activity, and they do not condone such actions by anyone. Andthreetogo.com does in no way endorse or support eating any fast food products.

So it was, on an early morning, when the fog had yet to dissipate from the dawn sky, that I roped in a fellow zombie participant on my trek to the quasi-mexican paradise of Taco Bell. A favorite of late-night crowds, and the one fast food chain that is very difficult to find outside of America.

I had heard tales of a new Taco Bell breakfast that was as fulfilling and tasteful as the commercials would have you believe, and figured I had better indulge. Upon arriving I realized that it was indeed as amazing as the ads made it appear.

Look at how excited he is... trust me I was just as ecstatic!
Look at how excited he is… trust me I was just as ecstatic!

My friend, lets just call him CS to keep from implicating him in this endeavor, was just as excited as I was. The menu was cheap and fairly extensive. We stared in awe for a few seconds and then decided to order one of each… to share. I promised I would just take a bite as a sample, and then pass on the rest. I was wrong.

Smorgasbord of delights!
Smorgasbord of delights!

Instead, we ravished the foodstuffs we had ordered way too hastily. All the calories, crammed into such small portions, filled our mouths and we were soon wondering how we had eaten it all so quickly. From the AM Crunchwrap Supreme, to the Waffle Taco, and finally to the Cinnabon Delights; it all went down so effortlessly.

Nothing was left when we were finished, and I believe we even thought about ordering more, but then sanity set in and we stepped back from the table and decided we had better stop while ahead. I debated washing it all down with a soda creation of my own making (America is all about choices), but decided against it as I had done enough damage to my gut for the day.

Mix it up!
Mix it up!

In summation, I heartily enjoyed my experiment and am glad I experienced all that Taco Bell Breakfast has to offer. Would I do it again? Probably not… anytime soon… But give me year or two (my stomach might be healed) and I may have to indulge again. No visit to America is complete without it!

Don't forget the sauce!
Don’t forget the sauce!

Disclaimer: This review was in no way endorsed or sought after by Taco Bell. I received nothing for free, and all content is purely my own opinion and not that of andthreetogo.com or anyone else… Please see the disclosures page for further information.

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