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For those of you that have been to any type of convention you may know that the funnest part is the swag bag that usually goes along with it. For instance, the video game convention that Chad made me go to  I went to a few years back when we were living in Taipei, I came out with a canvas bag full of free goodies (that I never actually used or wanted, but they were FREE!). What I wouldn’t have given to be able to choose what I got in my swag bag that day.

The always humorous, clever, and  insightful Bronwyn at Journeys of the Fabulist has tagged me to join in on the fun of a Swag Bag Blog Hop. Even if I don’t really get a swag bag filled with the things I want, at least I can write about it.  So here I go!


The instructions are to select:

1. A book
2. A beauty product 
3. A snack food
4. Music
5. One ‘free choice’ item

This shouldn’t be that hard for me as I have been traveling and living out of  a suitcase for the past year and a half. I have gotten pretty good at knowing exactly what I really want to pack.

1. A Book:

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll


How am I supposed to choose just one book?! This was the hardest category for me in this blog hop, but after much thought and deep consternation, I finally had to go with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (often called Alice in Wonderland). It always fascinated me reading this book as a child how Alice was able to travel to such a different reality. How “curiouser and curiouser” her adventures became. This past year and half of traveling we have been to many places that are so different to me that I have felt like I was in a Wonderland. I just wish I had some biscuits to shrink me small enough to fit more comfortably in the airplane seats.

2. A Beauty Product:

Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

No this is not my eye, but this is how I often wear my eyeliner.

I do not go a day without slathering on my most loved beauty product.  I do not have a particular brand that I like, just usually the cheapest one. The great thing about waterproof liquid eyeliner is it stays on through anything. Whether I’m stuck in the pouring rain, or I’m sweating my butt off at the beach, or swimming, my eyeliner stays on. I always look like I have put time into looking nice, even if it really only took 5 minutes.

3. A Snack Food



I admit it, I am addicted to soft, chewy, delicious cookies. No particular kind really, I like every type of cookie except gingerbread. In fact, when we lived back in California I would pack Z up into her stroller, walk down to the Whole Foods Market a mile away and buy half a pound of cookies from their bulk cookie bar. Yep, and that was while I was on Weight Watchers! Thank God I was still breastfeeding at that point, because I was able to still lose weight somehow.  It’s a good thing we left the States when we did, I may have had to get a job at Whole Foods to pay for my cookie habit.

4. Music



I love Radiohead. Every single one of their albums is amazing and I could never get sick of listening to Thom Yorke’s voice. Each of their albums is a reinvention of themselves and is fresh, creative, and new.

5. One ‘Free Choice’ Item

 A Cute Pair of Black Flats


What I wouldn’t give to be able to just go and buy myself a pair of shoes here whenever I want. Of course, I usually only wear flip-flops here in Thailand, but every once in a while I really wish I could dress up my outfit a bit with some cute black flats. There is one place that sells my size shoes here in Phuket and they do not have cute shoes at all. Apparently the people here that wear size 11 US (or 44 European) shoes  like a lot of huge fake gems on their flats. That’s not really my style. So I sit and pine for the plain black flats that I left behind. A small price to pay though for the awesome journey we have had so far.


Well, there you have it, my completed swag bag! Now I am passing on the fun to Valerie at Atlanta Mom of Three! Valerie writes posts about motherhood, marriage, child-birth, and homeschooling her three children. I am constantly in awe of the way she seems to do it all plus help so many other bloggers out there to connect with each other with blog hops and Facebook groups. She is so supportive and encouraging. I cannot wait to see what her Swag Bag will hold, make sure to follow her blog so you can catch her post next week.

What would you choose to get in your swag bag? Leave a comment and let me know!


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