So Much to Do

I hate using cliches in writing this blog, but I find myself thinking over and over again, “so much to do, so little time”. Its true, our time is short for our hometown of Santa Rosa, even shorter still for the home that we have lived in these past three years. We are moving out of this amazing home we were so blessed to be able to rent in exactly 8 days. Yes, 8 days! We are leaving town in just 15 days!

So far Chad and I have done the important things. We have packed up our belongings in nice clear rubbermaid containers that my (very generous) sister-in-law is letting us keep in her attic until we come back. We have given notice to the utilities, bought our travel insurance, gotten all the important documents together for the most part. We have done all the boring, mundane preparations, I cross them off my written list hanging on the fridge while C checks it off his electronic list on his phone.

I have started to pack my clothes and shoes for the trip and have been pleasantly surprised at how little room my clothes actually take. So far I have packed: 3 dresses, 6 skirts, 3 bathing suits, a sarong, 6 tank tops, 4 t-shirts, a sweater, a hoodie, 2 pairs of skinny jeans, 2 long sleeve shirts, 4 pairs of tights, 4 bras, 8 pairs underwear, 2 pairs socks, converse all-stars, one pair flats, 2 pairs flip-flops, 2 pairs of boots, and Keen hiking sandals. All of the clothing items fit into a carry on sized bag, the shoes with the hygiene products I plan to bring with me take up another carry-on size bag. Not bad if I do say so myself. I am going to go through it a couple more times before we leave and I am sure that I will probably end up leaving some stuff behind along the way but I have enough clothing and shoes to not have to worry for awhile (I hope).

This is packing right?
This is packing right?

Even though we have been busting our rears and accomplishing many things on our moving to do list, I cannot help this nagging feeling that I will forget something important. I feel this way before we go anywhere, I mean I feel this way even doing something as simple as going to the grocery store. I have a perfectionist frame of mind and I think because of this I tend to over think things… I am sure Chad is right now nodding his head in agreement with this. I have a hard time realizing that I am not in control of any of this. Neither is Chad. God is in control of this trip (and of course ultimately our lives), He has been this whole time. I need to trust Him more and lean on him, instead of my own memory (which with my memory lately is a very scary thought!).

On a very happy note, we have had an amazing answer to prayer this week. As I had written in a previous post we have been trying our darnedest to find a new home for our two dogs. We have run into dead end after dead end with this. But this week, our friends that are moving into our home and inheriting most of our belongings also decided that they wanted to inherit our dogs as well. At least until they can find them another amazing home. So not only will our dogs not be going to a shelter, they will be living in the same house, with two wonderful women that will love them and care for them until a better home comes along. Chad and I cannot even express our gratitude and thankfulness to D and M in their help with this and their friendship! They are an answer to prayer!

So, there it goes again in my head..”so much to do, so little time.” I know that God will see us through this time of preparation and stress and my job is just to pray and be thankful for all the blessings during it.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

photo credit: Packing: doom and gloom via photopin (license)

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