Simply Savoring Singapore

By Marcuz Martillo (vectorised map of Singapore, handmade by myself) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Back image By Marcuz Martillo (vectorised map of Singapore, handmade by myself) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
On Monday I promised you a post about Singapore… Even more I promised you a post about the FOOD I ate in Singapore! Well the wait is over! I couldn’t hold off on this one, it was just too much fun to experience and write about.

We were in Singapore to do some visa stuff and I actually remembered to take pictures of my meals (besides one that I will talk about later) and write notes about them even so I could give you all the flavorful details! (Thanks to Victoria at The British Berliner for the tip on note taking.)

Before I start, you may want to have something to snack on because this post may make you hungry! Ok, now that that is taken care of, here we go!



IMG_4022Breakfast: I had an extremely overpriced English Breakfast tea with a chocolate croissant and macadamia cookie from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Well, as you can see from the first picture, I shared them with Z. The croissant was delicious, flaky and fluffy. The cookie was hard and almost inedible, although I forced myself to finish what Z didn’t want. It was tough, but when you pay S$21 for breakfast, you eat every bite.

IMG_4023Snack time: I had a honey lemon water (for my throat… almost over my bronchitis!), a 8.4%ABV cider (why not? I’m on holiday), water, and a pack of gummies from one of my favorite gummy companies, “The Natural Confectionary Company.” All of these were delicious and refreshing. I was surprised at how good the cider was, it was the bottom of the barrel brand at 7-11, but was actually pretty tasty.

IMG_4032Lunch Time: After a stressful morning at the Thai Embassy, we decided to head to the Singapore Zoo to take our minds off of whether or not we would get our visa.  Almost immediately we went to the Ah Meng Restaurant for some local fare. I decided to get something I had never heard of before, Mee Rebus. When I ordered it and asked what it was the lady kindly told me it was noodles with soup, so I had absolutely no idea what it would taste like.

I loved it! The soup was thick, almost like a gravy. It had tofu, egg, shrimp, soybeans, and yellow noodles, all topped off with lime, spicy chilies, and cilantro. I am not sure exactly what was in it besides that, but the soup encompassed so many flavors… the spicy chilis, salty soybeans, sweet cilantro, and savory tofu and gravy. I would definitely love to have this dish again!



Dinner: We went to Brewerkz after a long afternoon walking around the Zoo. Chad and I shared the ‘El Mexicano’ burger and fries. I also had a yummy Brothers Festival Cider that complemented  the meal perfectly. The burger was okay, not spicy or flavorful enough for my taste (or for the price! S$24!). All in all, the meal was kind of ‘meh’ except for the delicious cider (which was also very overpriced at S$17).



Breakfast: Our accommodations at Hotel Supreme included a free breakfast. The picture above was what the free breakfast consisted of, white bread toast, butter, strawberry jam, and tea/coffee. It was by no means gourmet, but it did the trick. And it was FREE, so I can’t complain really.


Lunch: This is the meal that I failed to take a true picture of. Bronwyn from Journeys of The Fabulist and her daughter T met with us for a sushi picnic in the park. I was so excited to be catching up with them again that I forgot to take a picture of my sushi. So after we all parted ways, I ran back to the store we bought the sushi at in Liang Court just to take a picture of the tray Chad and I got to share. I guess it is better than nothing, right? I love sushi, especially when it is take-away, cheap, and fresh. It was divine! The company and food were fantastic!



IMG_4086Dinner: This was our last dinner in Singapore. We had decided to head to Changi airport a few hours earlier than we needed to for our flight because there is so much to do there. Z played on the playground for over an hour, we went to the Cactus Garden, the Butterfly Garden, and ended up at Hardrock Cafe.

I admit, it has been years and years since I have eaten at a Hardrock Cafe. I am not a huge fan of anything considered a “chain restaurant” usually, but the sandwiches and possibilities of good beers beckoned us in. Unfortunately, there were just plain old beers for Chad, so we all drank water (boring I know!), but my meal was fantastic.

I had a honey mustard chicken and ham sandwich. The chicken was a full breast, cooked perfectly. It was topped with ham, bacon, and cheese that added a mouth-watering savoriness to the sandwich that made it hard to put down. The crisp lettuce and honey mustard sauce gave it a fresh and tangy flavor. It was enormous and I left the restaurant in a wheelbarrow… okay not really, but I wish I could have. It was really delicious

So there you have it! My trip to Singapore told through the food I ate along the way! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Now it’s your turn! Would you like to try any of these dishes? Have you been to Singapore and have a favorite dish that I should try next time we go? Would you order something off a menu if you had no idea what it was? Leave a comment and join in the fun!


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