A Sad Farewell…

It has been a month since my last post here on And Three To Go. Shameful, really.

We have just gotten back from three weeks visiting friends and family in America. It was a fantastic time which took us to Disneyland in Southern California, San Antonio, Texas, and then back to California near San Francisco.

During our trip overseas, ‘back home’ really, I did a lot of thinking. I mulled over the fact that I just wanted to be present on our trip and to not have to write about it. I didn’t want to take the time out of my visits to make sure to post about our adventures. I just didn’t feel the desire to write at all. I wanted to live it for me and my family, not just to remember it for a blog post later.

I have struggled with these feelings in recent past and I have always have strived to power through them. I have always come back, mostly because I love the interaction with my friends, family, and fellow bloggers on this site.  But I think that this is it. I have to stop writing now.farewell-961598_1920

I hope that you all will continue to share And Three To Go with those that want to travel the world. I hope that in some way I have helped you to want to travel and helped on the travels you took. Most of all I hope you enjoyed following along on our adventures.

This is not an easy post to press the “publish” on, it was a post that I thought, prayed, and wrestled with for a seriously long time. But I think it is time, time to say farewell. It’s been a great run everyone! Thank you to all my lovely readers and followers and staunch supporters. I have loved the friendships I have made here on the site.  You are all the reason that I have kept this going for so long.

I will be leaving the site up and running so that hopefully it will help others to travel the world and hopefully inspire them as well. Travel often, travel anywhere, just travel.






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