Traveling Family Time


My in-laws are visiting. For 3 weeks.

I know those words could possibly strike fear in the heart of any married person I know. Lucky for me, both sides of the family are pretty awesome and easy to get along with. Whew.

This trip is my parent-in-laws first time out of the USA (besides Montreal, Canada, but does that really count?) and Chad and I figured that between the jet lag and newness of traveling internationally we would have to slow down and really let them acclimate.

Oh man, were we wrong…

Chad’s parents have more energy and curiosity of our home here in Phuket, Thailand than any other visitors we have ever had. And it is so cool! Everyone else that has visited has at least been to Europe or Mexico or some place so the newness of traveling is gone, the love of travel is still there, but the total wonderment of being immersed in another culture is fully present.

I am loving the way that they ask questions and notice all the things that I no longer notice. This is my home. I do not notice the shanty towns as much as I once did. I don’t notice that family of 6 on one little scooter as often. I have forgotten how new and different the flavors of real Thai food taste compared to the Thai food in America.

In a nutshell, my in-laws are reigniting my love of Phuket, my love of Thai food, and my absolute disbelief that I actually get to live here.

The only problem…

My feet hurt! Haha, seriously though! I haven’t walked around this much in a long time. I am jogging/walking 5 km every other day for exercise and then being tourists with Chad’s parents the rest of the time. I think after one week of this, I may have to skip my actual workouts.

There will be posts coming up about other places than Phuket!

This is so exciting to me! We will be heading to Koh Lanta and Chiang Mai in the next couple of weeks, so hooray for new stuff to write about! And for pictures of what I see along the way, make sure to follow me on Instagram.

I hope you have an amazing weekend and safe travels no matter where you are!



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