River Safari Singapore

One nice thing about getting food poisoning on the regular, is that you know that it will not last more than 24 hours. See, there are bright sides to everything!

Z is ready to “Dive in” to River Safari Singapore!

The day after our Universal Studios fun, we decided to check out the River Safari Singapore.  I have to admit that as of late, my eyes have been opened to the evilness of  somezoo’s and animal shows, but we have been to the Singapore Zoo a couple of times and I felt that their care of the animals was fair and decent, besides the whole “animal not in the wild” aspect of it.

*Disclaimer-I was not asked to write about River Safari Singapore or any other of the businesses mentioned in this post. The opinions in this post and the whole day we spent there were completely my own.*

We purchased our tickets through Klook again and, though I don’t remember the exact savings, it was a nice amount.

River Safari Singapore is really just an aquarium with fresh water life instead of salt-water. Most of it was fresh water fish that honestly, I am not that interested in fish, but it was fun to see Z’s face when she saw one that interested her.

We walked along the well laid out path and looked at everything until we came to the Panda area.  Yep, they have 2 giant pandas, named Jia Jia and Kai Kai.  Oh, and a red panda, that was really fun to watch. Z fell in love with it and ended up with a stuffed toy of one that she named, Penny. Can you see Penny photobombing in Z’s diving picture?



Kai Kai
Jia Jia




These panda’s were born in captivity, and they have each other, so I am hoping that they are also well-treated.  Leave me a comment if you think I should have more information about this!

I would highly recommend taking the time to go on the River Safari Cruise that is included in your ticket. I unfortunately didn’t take any photos of the little putt around the lake in the park, but it was so calm and peaceful. You also might get to see the giraffes and rhinos housed in the zoo next door during your boat trip. We did and it was like being on a safari.

I would not recommend spending the extra money on a ticket for the Amazon River Quest, it was pretty anti-climatic and you really didn’t see much that you wouldn’t already see in the actual park itself. Also, the smell of whatever poo is made in there reeks and is pretty strong.

At the end of the walk through the “Safari” is a Monkey area, where you can go in with the monkeys, but be aware, they apparently lately have been trying to grab peoples backpacks and biting peoples ears on occasion. There is a kind lady at the door that will warn you of this as well.

There is also a huge aquarium with massive fresh water fish (some bigger than Z!) and manatees. This was the only part that I may have issue with, but I do not know enough about Manatees to know how much room that they actually roam around in the wild.

We ended our afternoon with a picture of a pelican, because everyone wants a family photo with a pelican, amiright?



Overall, we really enjoyed our time at River Safari Singapore. It is a perfect thing to do if you just have a few hours to spare.

Now it’s your turn! Have you ever been to a fresh water aquarium? What are your thoughts on the panda’s and manatees? Should I feel bad about it? I am always ready to learn more about how to help our animal friends, so leave a comment and help me if you have an opinion or information!

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