A Proper Breakfast at Flints-One Bakery Phuket

This morning was a rare occasion, we actually got up and out of the house in time for a proper breakfast! When this miracle occurs, we always head down to Flints-One Bakery. They have the best breakfast near our house in Phuket.  I think it is worth a try whether you are visiting or living in Phuket.

As far as I know there are two locations of this delicious bakery and breakfast restaurant, one in Chalong and one in Rawaii. There is not much on the internet to tell me if there are any others. They do not have a website either, we found it by driving by and stopping to try it out. That is one reason why I wanted to write a review of it, the other is because I love their breakfasts, and I love to write about food that I love. Yes, I know I may have overused the word love in the last sentence, but that is just an indicator of how much I enjoy Flints-One’s food.

Flints-Ones has an extensive menu that offers only western food. You will not find a Thai dish on the menu, but I like a restaurant that knows what it does well and sticks with it. And Flints-One makes great western food!

The Flint Ones Menu
The Flints-One Bakery Menu




This morning I ordered the Swiss Breakfast Roesti (160 baht or $5). The crisp hash browns were fried with onions and bacon and seasoned to perfection. It was savory and salty. I was actually surprised that it was not greasy at all, usually hash browns are a little bit, but not these ones.  The egg on top was cooked so that the yolk was soft but not runny. I love when the egg yolk runs  just enough to dip my hash browns into it.  I actually slowed my usual inhalation I call eating this morning because I wanted to enjoy every bite of my meal.

The Swiss Breakfast Roesti
The Swiss Breakfast Roesti

Chad had the Cowboy Breakfast (190 baht or $6). It was a protein packed breakfast with a hamburger patty that was made with quality ground beef and cooked to a juicy well-done, a ton of bacon, a fried egg, and baked beans. Okay, maybe it didn’t have a TON of bacon, but look at that picture below… that’s a LOT of bacon!  Yummy! He enjoyed it so much that I think he actually did inhale his food. It was there and then gone! I think Chad made the perfect statement summing up how good his food was with, “This breakfast makes me want to lick my plate.”

The Cowboy Breakfast.
The Cowboy Breakfast

Zoë wasn’t concerned with having a large breakfast, she just wanted sausage… So that’s what she had. Three breakfast sausage to be exact (75 baht total or $2.33). My little three year old is a girl who knows what she wants. She (and I) think that Flints-One’s has the best breakfast sausage around and that is what she always orders.

Z's breakfast sausage.
Z’s breakfast sausage. Simple, but delicious!

All-in-all, it was a fantastic and filling breakfast. We all were full enough to skip lunch today!

Flints-One Bakery is not only a restaurant though, they also offer baked goods, bread, cakes, and pastries. They can make special (birthday, etc.) cakes with 24 hour notice as well as a monstrously huge pizza also with 24 hours notice (that I HAVE to try soon).  Everything that they offer is fairly inexpensive and freshly made.

Here are the locations for Flints-One Bakery, make sure to try them out! I think you will enjoy whatever you try there!

Chalong Location

19/23 Moo 8 Chao Fa East Rd. T. Chalong, A. Muang Phuket 83130

Rawaii Location

Moo 6, Rawai Beach, Rawaii, Mueang Phuket, Phuket, 83130


** This review was not requested by Flints-One Bakery and all of the opinions are my own. You may or may not like what they have to offer, but I hope that you do! To know more about our legal disclaimers click here.**

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