I am sorry to announce that my “Ask Jenny” for this week will have to be postponed. But read on because I have an announcement about next weeks installment of “Ask Jenny”. I have been feeling a bit under the weather and was diagnosed with a bladder infection at the hospital today. Dum Dum Dum…. Such a bummer. On the bright side, a full medical work up to see why I was feeling so funky only cost $20. I can definitely live with that.

Anyways it’s not so bad, but I am feeling pretty lethargic, so I am taking some sick days. I will be back on Friday to regale you with our traveling tales.

And now for the big announcement!

Chad and I have decided that we are going to both answer the same question on occasion,, depending on the topic, so now you will be able to get both of our perspectives on some of the questions. It will be an “Ask Jenny/Ask Chad” series once a month or so. The name is not finalized yet, any ideas for us? This also gives you the opportunity to ask Chad a question directly. We are still working on how we will go about this, but we are both really excited! So if you have a question for one or both of us, just leave a comment and I will put it on the list to choose from for next week.

Thanks for being patient with me this week. I am off to drink gallons and gallons of water now.

Until we meet again….

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