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Monday Montage: Help With Our Day in Bangkok

We get to take a completely unplanned and spontaneous trip to Bangkok soon and are making it our monthly mini-vacation from Phuket. We get one whole day to have fun in the crazy and fun city! So now the decision of what to do is supposed to happen. Right, that’s what happens next? Seriously, why is this so difficult for me?! I know I used… Read more →

Monday Montage: Bangkok-Take Three

I am delving into a new technological world today. We are currently in Bangkok (yes, again… We just can’t get enough it seems), and I am having to use our iPad to post this. I am really hoping it goes without a hitch… Sometimes I think this thing has some sort of vendetta against me. My mom is leaving tomorrow… Read more →

Two Days in Bangkok

We just spent two days in Bangkok and I have to say, I had a great time! I have been to Bangkok numerous times in the past, it has never been my favorite city. I used to think that it was overwhelming in pretty much every way. It seemed seedy, dirty, and smelled like raw sewage. On top of that… Read more →

Wednesday Write-Up: Bangkok

I cannot believe that our time in Bangkok, Thailand is almost over already. We leave for Hua Hin, Thailand tomorrow morning. It has been a whirlwind couple of days of shopping, food, and new experiences. I have to start with the shopping because there are numerous H & M and Forever 21’s (named XXI Forever here) and we only had… Read more →

The Real World Phuket A32G Edition

That’s right, this is the real world Phuket!     No no no, not that “Real World”, the one from MTV, just our real life here in Phuket. That show used to be so cool. I just found out it is still being made! My gosh… 31 seasons, nope I don’t feel old at all! First paragraph of my post… Read more →

What’s Going On 2016

2016 IS HALFWAY OVER!!!   We have not been doing much traveling this year, but we do have some travels planned for the future. I figured I would share them with you all and you can get excited along with me. And maybe you could give some suggestions of things to do and see as well!   USA USA USA    … Read more →

Photos from an Over-Developed Jungle

There is one thing about Singapore that a person can either love or hate, and that is that it is strictly preplanned and developed. It is the Disneyland of Asia, not a weed to be seen or a plant out of place. No chewing gum to be found. Toilet police making sure that you flush. It is supposed to be rigid… Read more →

Sorry for the Brief Hiatus-I’m back!

What do you get when a traveler starts working and settles in one place for a while? A really quiet travel blog. Yep, I went on a brief hiatus. Part of me hopes that you noticed and really missed my banter type blog posts and the other part hopes that you didn’t because I really hate to disappoint all you… Read more →

Songkran 2016: Or Another Year Where I Did Not Take Any Pictures

Okay, so my title is a bit of an exaggeration. No, not the Songkran part, the picture. Just this past week, on April 13th, the Thai New Years Songkran Festival went on in all its awesome glory. What I exaggerated about was the no pictures. The past two years (read about them here and here) I strived to get some… Read more →

Bkk Solo

This past month I had two WHOLE days in Bangkok—-BY MYSELF! That’s right folks. I finally was able to do some solo traveling. It was a blast and I am gonna tell you all about it today. The good, the bad, and the snot rockets…   Friday After a busy and normal Friday day, I drove myself to the Phuket… Read more →

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