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Wednesday Write-Up: Liebster Award #2

Katie at Views From The Step Stool kindly nominated me for a Liebster Award almost a month ago and I finally have gotten a free day to participate.  Make sure to check out Katie’s blog as she always has great posts about fun and educational things to do with kids. Even if you do not have kids of your own yet,… Read more →

Wednesday Write-Up: 201 Posts!

I know it may seem silly to celebrate 201 posts, but since I didn’t realize the milestone of writing about our adventures 200 times when I was publishing my post on Monday I thought I would just celebrate it as it is. In those 200 posts, we wrote about our beginnings, our travels, and how different and wonderful it was to… Read more →

Wednesday Write-Up: Waging War on Giving Up

There are many things that I have gladly given up at one time or another while traveling. For example, freshly dried clothing-like in a dryer (isn’t sun-dried so much better anyway, well except for towels I think), or all-natural Tom’s toothpaste, or makeup that matches my skin tone, or even being able to bake (no ovens in Asia for the… Read more →

Wednesday Write-Up: Making My Home

This past week we have been settling into our new place here in Phuket. I have actually had to clean my own house since we have moved in. I know it sounds like I truly have been spoiled to the point of rottenness, but I am telling you it is so cheap to have a housekeeper here that the attitude… Read more →

Wednesday Write-Up: Memories Part 2

On Monday I started a week-long series sharing my favorite pictures from our travels in preparation for the new year. Mondays post encompassed our time traveling in the States, Curacao, Portugal, Disneyland Paris, and Budapest, Hungary. Today my post will be about the months of July to October, where we visited Greece and Taiwan. I have included links to my… Read more →

Monday Montage: Memories of 2013

The new year is just a couple days away, and for us here at And Three To Go that means that we have been traveling about in this wonderful world of ours for the past 9 months!  It is hard to believe that we have been on the road that long, but looking back over the pictures we have taken,… Read more →

How Many Photos is Too Many?

Now that we are settled in Taipei  for a bit, Chad and I are trying to get our flickr.com photo pages up to date and labeled. This may sound like a pretty simple task, but think about how many photos you take in a normal day (I mean who doesn’t post at least one picture of their kid or meal… Read more →

Wednesday Write-Up: So the Days Float Through My Eyes

Well, here it’s Wednesday again, and we are leaving for another country tomorrow. The last 8 days felt slow, but went so fast. The days just floated by. I am just starting to acclimate and love the amazing city of Budapest, Hungary. It is interesting that none of us three had been affected by the time changes very much or… Read more →

Disney Parks Anonymous

Hello, my name is Jennifer and it had been three months since my last Disneyland trip. I fell off the wagon this past week all in the name of Zoë’s second birthday. And I cannot say that I feel bad about it. Disney parks can be an expensive habit, but the memories and happiness that are associated with them for… Read more →

Lagos: The Sunny South

Since landing on Portuguese soil, everyone we have met has told us that we NEEDED to spend some time in the Algarve. That the beauty, warm weather and beaches in that area were the best Portugal had to offer. We kept saying that we were going to go, but life here in Lisbon kept us busy for a month or… Read more →

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