Monday Montage: Nostalgia

Last week I was feeling thankful and this week, I am feeling nostalgic. I love being in Phuket, but sometimes miss the places we have visited before. Maybe I’m not so much missing the places we have been to, but the actual act of traveling on a larger scale than just a weekend/week here and there. So today I am taking a walk down memory lane and sharing my favorite post and pictures from my 3 favorite places that we visited along our travels so far.

  •  Portugal

Portugal was one of our first stops on our journey around the world. This vibrant and welcoming country stole my heart almost immediately with its delicious food, inexpensive, but tasty wine, and kind people. The historical sites also made this area of southern Europe an interesting experience. It is definitely worth a visit if you can make it there.

As I went back through our archives, my favorite post about Portugal was Roughing it in Unexpected Ways. I probably like it so much because it describes the food that I loved so much (and miss so much). My favorite photo from our time in Portugal is:


This was the view from the balcony at Travellers House when we first arrived in Lisbon. Located on Rua de Augusta it was in the heart of everything, this hostel was a perfect place to start our time in Lisbon.


  • Paros, Greece

This quiet island in Greece was one of my favorite spots. The locals were so helpful and kind, the food was fresh and decadent, the beaches lovely and warm. This was the first place along our journey around the world that I was finally able to get a tan. It was bliss.  My favorite post about Paros is called My Own Greek Island Paradise.  And my favorite picture:


Look at how little Z was! She loved walking along the stone walls that were all over Paros.  I love this picture of Z and her daddy enjoying the walk around the area we stayed in on Paros.


  • Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei was once my home many years ago. It was my first time ever living outside of America and it changed me in so many ways. The biggest way being that I realized that I COULD live outside of America. It was life changing, and here we are today living in Southeast Asia. During our travels we spent three months in Taipei, Taiwan so I wrote a ton about it, but my favorite post was called Perspective Plays a Part, which was about how my perception of Taiwan and myself changed from the time I lived there in the 2006 until we visited in 2013. My favorite photograph was:


The absolute joy on Z’s face in this photo make it my favorite. This girl… well, I think she is pretty awesome. This was taken at the Keelung Night Market which wasn’t the best place to take a toddler, but Z sure loved the dock there.

If you want to read more about our travels, you can search for specific countries in the search area on the right. Or you can also check out our archives. We traveled through parts of the USA, Curacao, Europe, and Asia in 2013. And then spent time in the USA,  Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore in 2014.

Thanks for reading and walking down memory lane with me today. I hope your Monday is filled with wonderful memories and the opportunity to make new ones!

Now it’s your turn! Feel free share in my nostalgia, and share a memory that comes to your mind. Or if you don’t feel like sharing that, what one of these three places would you like to visit someday? Leave a comment and join in the fun!

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