Monday Montage:Singapore

We did more than just eat in Singapore. Although, who am I fooling, what’s more fun than eating delicious food? We also walked around Orchard Road, went to the Zoo, and hung out at Changi Airport.

I know it may seem a little weird to hang out at an airport, but Changi Airport is one of a kind. There is so much for families (anybody really) to do while waiting for their flight that we decided to save some money and utilize the free things to do in the airport. There are play areas, a Butterfly Garden, and a Cactus Garden… oh and moving walkways, which are just awesome to wear a toddler out before a flight.

So here are some pictures from our time in Singapore this past week. And here is a little tip: If you ever get to have a layover at Changi Airport… make it a long one!

**Disclaimer: Changi airport did not ask me to write about them, and the opinions I just wrote are all my own. If you have more questions about all the legal stuff for And Three To Go, check out our Disclosure page.**

IMG_4017View from our room at Hotel Supreme in Singapore.


7-11 has a pastry/cookie case in Singapore. We do not have these in Thailand. I’m just a little extremely jealous, but at the same time, my thighs are thankful.


Chad and Z walking through Singapore Zoo.


Z introducing herself to a turtle.


Z is such a confident little girl, all she wanted the whole time we were at the zoo was to participate in the dog and cat show. You could hear her “Pick Me, Pick me!” through the whole auditorium as soon as the announcer mentioned needing volunteers. Here she is up in front of the crowd, getting ready for her 15 minutes of fame. I have a feeling this is not the last time I will see her up on a stage. (Yep, that was a proud momma bragging moment, sorry.)


The best part of the “restaurant” at our hotel were the mirrors for z. What better way to eat than watching yourself the whole time and making funny faces?


A monstrous tree at Fort Canning Park.


IMG_4090Did I mention that there are free foot massagers throughout Changi Airport for anyone to use? Z and I used them to relax our sore muscles from walking around Singapore for two days. On a side note, I think that all airlines should be required to have these in each seat to prevent blood clots. I think I should start a petition… would you sign it?


Z and her friend, Iron Man. She was giving him a lesson on using “The Force”.

And that is it for our time in Singapore. Chad will be writing and answering the questions posed in my last ‘Ask Jenny’ post on Friday and Monday will be the big reveal of the outfits that Z has been picking out for me this week. So subscribe if you haven’t already, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and like us on Facebook!

Now it’s your turn! What would you like to see in every seat on a flight, in coach that is? Would you get up on stage if they asked for volunteers? Leave a comment and join in the fun!

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