Monday Montage: New

Well, here it is! You may have noticed our new look in last Friday’s post about a cat café here in Phuket, I hope that you like it! I was surprised how easy it was to switch over to the new theme after I had stressed about it so much. There were many things that I had to do to get my site ready for the changes, but really it was not that difficult. I guess this will be a lesson to me to stop stressing out about such silly things.

Our new header is in fact a pretty old picture (Z was 2 years old), so we are trying to figure out someone here to take our picture with what we all look like presently. Or I guess I should say, what Z looks like presently. And our legs and hands…. Who are we kidding, she is way more fun to see than us anyways.

On that note, here are my pictures for the week! Thanks for reading and following along on this journey of ours. I am so glad you are along for the ride!


It is very rare that Z rides in our scooter with sidecar, and never without me right next to her while Chad drives, but on this day we were close to home and I was behind them in the truck, so she was able to ride with Chad alone. On the actual scooter! She loved it, as you can see by the two thumbs up.


Our friends very kindly took us on a short cruise in their catamaran (sailboat) to a “private” island nearby. It was a gorgeous day filled with great conversation, sun, sand, wind, and water. It reminded me of why I love living in Thailand. Just gorgeous, isn’t it?


Our “private” island.


Requisite “private” island selfie… that’s a thing right?


We revisited the Lighthouse Market at Boat Lagoon here in Phuket this weekend. It was so much better this time around. We had a lovely time. The crowds were less crazy, the food delicious, and the vendors were lively and fun. Everyone seemed to be really happy to be there. It was a wonderful end to a fantastic weekend.

IMG_4815Proof that I do indeed have an oven now, and that I do know how to bake (well, cookies at least).


Z and I’s first baking outcome! Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Not bad… but I am sure that we will make many more delicious goodies in the future.

Now it’s your turn! What is your favorite recipe (make sure include a link if you have written a post about it)? Would you like to go sailing to a private island for the day, week, forever? Would you take a selfie or two? What do you think of the new look… anything you would change? Leave a comment and join in the conversation!


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