Monday Montage: Magical Time of the Year

Wednesday being Christmas and all I am keeping it short with my posts this week. I figure you are probably running around, getting your gifts ready to be ripped opened, doing some last-minute grocery shopping and food preparations, and most likely spending time with your friends and family. I have been doing many of these things myself, but with much less pressure than I did last year. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to be spending time with my family and friends this week, but I am so very thankful to be here in Thailand and partaking in this wonderful journey that is our life right now.

For every fantastic uplifting thing in life there can (and usually will) be something that can bring you crashing back down. I have always been the person that spent most of my time focusing on this aspect of life. I have always lived my life as if “hope for the best but expect the worst” was my personal motto. I still struggle with those feelings, even as we are on this trip that is a real dream come true. I have been working on focusing more on the positive and letting the “what-if’s” fall far behind me. I feel like I finally broke the barrier of negativity a couple of days ago. I was sitting and listening to Chad read Zoë her bedtime stories and it just hit me how amazing life is. Whether I am traveling or living in some tract home back in Santa Rosa, California, I am truly thankful and blessed to be alive in this fascinating and gorgeous world. God has been so good to me, even in my negativity and lack of faithfulness that the best will come to pass.

So on that note, I am praying and hoping that your Christmas week makes you feel the same way. Life, family, friends, good food, and everything this season represents is truly a blessing. So quickly scroll through my pictures from this week and then go hug someone you love, eat some delicious home cooked food, drink some delicious wine (oh, how I miss wine here in Thailand), and be merry! <3


Chad and Zoë fishing at Khao Tao Lake


Sunset over Khao Tao Lake


Market Village Christmas Tree


One of the main roads going west through Hua Hin


Our “stockings” are hung and ready for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve (the socks are clean, I promise!)


This electric pole is held in place by the wires above and below it. Thought my dad would get a kick out of seeing the level of safety the electric company here adheres to.

1-IMG_9536Last week, a fellow blogger, The Homeschooling Doctor, asked about where we go shopping for groceries here. So here is a picture of the Tesco, one of the stores that we shop in for food and such.

Happy Holidays!

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