Monday Montage: Lazy

I have been a real lazy butt this week… well at least in the taking photos department. We have been busy, but not really doing much to take pictures of, unless you guys want to see pictures of my laundry? Or maybe my grocery shopping? It’s pretty exciting I know, maybe I will do a realistic and honest portrayal of my housework in a post soon!

Well, probably not, because more beach trips and new restaurants are on the horizon, don’t you worry. My tan is slightly starting to fade and that is a clear sign to me that I need to start being outdoors more often. So more beach time, hiking (haha, okay, maybe sidewalk hiking), and exploration of Phuket are on the way!

Until then, I wanted to thank everyone that reads and comments on my posts. Your thought, questions, and encouragement are so wonderful!  I love being connected to you all and growing the relationships that have started out here in the massive blogosphere. You guys are the best!

For all of you that are silent readers and have never commented on here before, leave us a note and just say hi, or you could tell me your favorite color, number, or food. Actually I would love to hear about your favorite food! Yummy food…*drools*! I would love to get to know all my readers more! So leave a comment and let’s get to know each other better!

With that, here are the few pictures that I took this week. Thanks again everyone for reading and joining us on our travels!


Phuket is a busy and thriving island with many large provinces and towns throughout it. This sign stating “SHORTCUT TO TOWN” made my mind flash to living out in the country and driving into the nearby town. Things like this make me feel as though Phuket is much smaller than it is, and it makes it feel more homey. Yep, I felt all of that just from seeing this sign. Think about how emotional I get when I see a lovely plate of food, or a beautiful flower, or the best thing ever… Z smiling. All the feelings all crumpled in my brain like wet clothing in a dryer, tumbling around haphazard. Ack… hormones! Whew, I got a little off topic there, sorry about that. Now onto a couple more photos…

IMG_3634There’s that smile! These two are my favorite!


Well, at least there is one beach photo, right? And one with Z in it… even better!

Happy Monday everyone!


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