Monday Montage: Funky

I am feeling funky today… And not in a “Funky Town”-I-want-to-disco-dance funky. I am in a funk. Not feeling well, and just an overall rough and poopy day. I won’t go into the details because, honestly, they are probably pretty boring to everyone (including me). Plus the more you let the negative envelop your day, your mind, and your heart, the harder it is to find the positive. So let’s stay positive!

With that I am heading onto todays pictures. I have included a few of Z, because she is always the person that can bring a smile to my face quicker than anyone. Happy Monday everyone!


There was a guy who was playing glasses at the night market last Sunday. He was really good , too! You just never know what you will see at the night markets in Phuket.

IMG_3938Just a little shot of the traffic that I got to sit in (for 40 minutes) the other evening. Does anyone else ever feel awkward sitting in traffic and staring at people in the back of a truck? Maybe it’s just me.


At one of Z’s friends’ birthday party  this week. There was a clown that made balloon guns… with holsters. He made other things, too, but all the kids really loved the guns. Not surprising really. I guess one can take the girl out of America, but can’t take the gun-toting American out of the girl. But really, she just called herself a superhero and that weapon was a “water” gun, so it was still fitting inside my dreams of raising a pacifist. Right?


Z has been struggling with nail-biting. For a while we were constantly telling her to stop it. Then I read a few articles that stated that when one bites their nails, it is to relieve stress, so when you harp on them to stop, it causes more stress, and it causes more nail-biting. It’ a vicious cycle.  So we stopped bugging her about it and just washed her hands frequently to combat the fact that her fingers were always in her mouth.

Then the other day, out of nowhere, Z comes up to me and asks if she can put band-aids on her fingers to stop herself from biting her fingernails. I have no idea why she thought of this. But I am happy that she is progressing in trying to stop on her own. It was a proud mommy moment for sure! Hooray!


Chad and Z playing “Lego Star Wars” at one of our favorite new restaurants.

IMG_3940Z tried her first yoga class today. She didn’t make it through the whole class, but she says she wants to try it again soon. It sure was fun watching her. She did great!

 Now it’s your turn! Feel free to leave a funny joke or story, or a comment with something positive to help me keep my funk at bay.  Have you ever seen someone playing glasses? Would you have your 3-year-old try a yoga class? Leave a comment and join in the conversation!

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