Monday Montage: First Days in Phuket

Well, we have caught up on our sleep after our overnight bus ride to Phuket. We have been spending some time getting to know the area that we are staying in presently, and getting used to the massive tourist trap that is Phuket. We are currently staying near Karon Beach, which is absolutely gorgeous, which explains why it is so popular and crowded. Regardless of the masses, we have been walking around, doing some touristy type things, and enjoying the hot hot weather and our renewed tans.

I am excited to start writing about what we have been doing here so far, but I must leave those for future posts. Monday Montage is about the pictures, and here they are… Thanks for reading and sharing in our journey!

1-IMG_9930Our last day in our villa in Hua Hin, Zoë decided that our large suitcase was her new bed. I see cheaper flights in our future. 🙂


A whole bunch (herd?) of cows that are let to graze near the 711 in Khao Tao. They are so calm and peaceful, it almost lulls me to sleep.


Chad and Zoë are welcoming everyone to the Year of the Horse. Happy Chinese New Year (a bit belated now).


Long tail boats on Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand. Pictures cannot do this beach’s beauty justice. These are the Thai beaches I was waiting for.


We watched the American Football Superbowl this morning at a sports bar around the corner from our house. I was taken aback when I saw that the commentators were Thai and that there was that much interest in American football here. Also, for those that know how good the Super Bowl commercials usually are, we didn’t get to see any of them. All the commercials were Thai as well! You would think we were in Thailand or something, haha.

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