Monday Montage: Excited

I am feeling pretty excited and happy today. We are going on a quick adventure to Singapore again soon. This time it is going to be a whirlwind trip… since we have no time to do anything but visa stuff and eat, my goal is to test out lots of dishes for a FANTASTIC FOOD POST! I am even going to take pictures! I am determined that this will happen, so I will warn you in advance on our Facebook page so that you can make sure to eat before I regale you with the delectable dishes that I had while in Singapore.

Today I have some pictures to share, but none of food I’m afraid. I hope you will enjoy them anyways. If you would like to see my most recent food post, check out my review of Flip Side Beer and Burger Bar. So onto the pictures now!


Z really wanted to wear her Halloween bucket on her head the other morning. Who am I to say no? This girl has fashion, I’m telling you!

*By the way, if you haven’t read the article written by the woman who let her three-year-old son dress her for a week, you should… Mostly because I am going to try it out, too! Z will be dressing me for a week soon and I will be posting a Monday Montage of my outfits! It should be a lot of fun!*


Z and I had a “mommy-daughter day” the other day and decided to go to Phuket Aquarium again. She was so excited! We had to start the time with a mommy-daughter selfie.


A creepy deep-sea squid thing in the Phuket Aquarium Deep Sea Creatures area. Well, really it is a tiny hallway that takes about 2 minutes to walk through, but everything in there looks like it should be on the cover of a Nine Inch Nails album.


Seahorses! Why do I think these are so cute? They really, really are though!


Z with the “walruses”, also known as dugongs, outside the aquarium. (See what I mean about her style? Look at the gold purse with the blue and white outfit… pure fashion!)


A friend told us about a Sea Turtle rehabilitation center just behind the aquarium, so Z and I had to check it out. Here the sea turtles are nursed back to health after getting caught in nets, getting hit with propellers, or getting sick from swallowing garbage among other things. It was really cool seeing the different types of sea turtles swimming around in the pools. This one above kept coming over to check us out. He (she?) was our favorite.

Now it’s your turn! Have you ever seen a live sea turtle? A Dugong? Do you know why Seahorses are so darn cute? On another note, what kind of foods would you try while visiting Singapore? Leave a comment and join in the fun!


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