Monday Montage: Easter

This past Sunday was Easter and we literally hung out in the house most the day and relaxed. We did eventually venture out only to get amazing coffee at our favorite coffee place in the area and then I went to the Naka Weekend Market to grab take-out for dinner! Yep, we chowed down on delicious Thai fare for Easter Dinner.We had Catfish floss and mango salad, fried bacon with sticky rice, spicy fish balls, and roast chicken. And it cost about $10 USD.

I honestly do not think that if we ever move back to the USA that ham with all the trimmings will ever cut it for me on holidays. I guess that means I should learn to make some more Thai food. I can make basic curries, some of the stir-fries, and salads, but it is so cheap to go out and get them, it seems silly to make them at home.  That may change though because I am going to be taking a Thai cooking class with my good friend this week. I am pretty excited! I will post about it on Friday.

Until then, here are some pictures from the past week…

I hope that your Easter was filled with love, fun, laughter and amazing food!


For some reason the other day, Z decided that she wanted her baby to be in the cradle in the stroller. It cracked me up, I had to take a picture and share. Good thing I never did this to her when she was a wee babe.


This is a poster that (I think) teaches kids how to stay healthy.


Z and Chad playing mini air hockey. Most of the larger grocery stores have kid areas near one of the entrances. It is a great bribing tool for a long shopping trip and fairly cheap at 10 baht ($.30 USD) per game/ride.


Z made her own Easter basket this year. She was so proud of it!


And she is off! Here is Z hunting for eggs at an Easter celebration that one of the playgroups held this year. She had so much fun!

Now it’s your turn! What did you have for Easter dinner? Did you do anything special to celebrate? Or if you don’t celebrate Easter, what fun thing did you do this week? Leave a comment and join in the fun!


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