Monday Montage: Caffeine and Dragging Feet

Monday, Monday, Monday. We have had a visitor this past weekend and had such an excellent time that I am now exhausted. I sure do miss being able to sleep in sometimes, being woken at 6:30am after staying up (stupidly) until 1 a.m. makes for a day filled with caffeinated drinks and dragging feet.  But that’s enough of kicking myself for things I can’t change now.

I have recently been messaging a company on Twitter called Quest Organizer. They have launched their site that helps travelers find stopovers to add destinations to their flights. I cannot wait to try it out! We had utilized stopovers in our travels in the past (Tokyo, Disney Paris, Miami) but it was a real pain in the butt trying to get it all planned, I am really hoping that this program will make it much easier the next time we set off on a travel adventure. After talking to them for a while, they asked me to guest post on their site about traveling with children. I happily agreed and sent them “5 Ways Kids Make Travels Better” from my archives.  Check out their site and my post if you have a chance.

(**Disclaimer— Quest Organizer did not ask me to promote their site. I just think it’s a pretty cool idea and wanted to share about it! For more info on the legal things… check out my disclosure page.**)

Now onto the pictures for this week!


Z took this picture of me! Not bad for a three-year old, right?! Maybe I will have her start taking all the pictures for the Monday Montages. I think it would be a great lesson in responsibility or something… nah! I think I will let her stay a kid for as long as she can.


This is a scene from the infamous Bangla Road in Patong here on Phuket island. We took our friend there this past weekend. It was the first time I had been to this area at night in 6 years. Honestly it was pretty boring… and too loud. I refuse to think that means I am getting old though, rather I am growing more refined taste. I feel so grown-up!


We went to Ao Sane Beach yesterday. Z and I played in the sand and surf, while Chad and our friend (who was visiting from America) went diving. We all had a great time and now my tan is coming back so all is right with the world. This is a picture of a map that Z drew in the sand to find our way back to our things. She was almost right on actually.


Chad and our friend, Stephanie, ready to dive off the shore of Ao Sane beach.


My beach girl. I want to do this everyday with her. Who wants to come visit and join us?


This sign made me laugh. Free “Trans feh”, instead of transfer, maybe they checked their spelling with a Bostonian?


Chad and Z playing chess together. Z knows more about chess than I do now… my little prodigy!

Now it’s your turn! What was the highlight of your weekend? Are you also becoming more refined as you grow up (I could have said “mature”, but it just sounds too old)? Leave a comment and join in the fun!

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