Monday Montage: Atlanta, Georgia

Today is a special day here at And Three To Go! Valerie from Atlanta Mom of Three has kindly shared about her area of the world on todays Monday Montage! Make sure to check out her blog (and her other blog Becoming The Sexy Wife). She writes wonderful articles about parenting, birth, and homeschooling that I love to read. Thank you Valerie!


Atlanta, Georgia is architecturally beautiful, and while I don’t actually live in the city itself, I have spent a great deal of time here in the seventeen years I’ve been in the south because it only takes about fifteen minutes to get there from our home. Atlanta is very family-friendly, offering such things as museums, a zoo and aquarium, stadiums, and more. I am happy to share some of the sights with you today!

If you come here to visit, one of the first things you will be sure to notice is just how populated it is! But that’s what happens when you are home to the busiest airport in world!! Hartsfield-Jackson International airport is the busiest, both in terms of passenger traffic and number of flights. In 2012 alone, there were 95 million passengers and over 950,000 flights!

Courtesy of Wikipedia

As a teenager (living in Michigan), I started planning my life as a flight attendant. I totally wanted to work for Delta! I had relatives living near Atlanta so I planned to come stay here with them, attend Delta’s training school, and become a traveling woman!
Of course, that didn’t happen. Instead, I fell in love, got married and started having babies….so that airplane dream ended – but that’s okay! God had other plans for me!
The airport’s travelers (as well as many other businesses) results in an enormous amount of traffic in and around the city. Many places on our north/south interstate (I-75) have 8-10 lanes ON EACH SIDE (!!), with the average through the city being 5-6 lanes (for a total of 10-12). These lanes are full almost all the time, and there are frequent(daily?) traffic jams. BUT, this isn’t a reason to avoid Georgia’s capital!! haha Just look for the HOV lane, designed for vehicles with more than one passenger (or busses and motorcycles), and you’re going to have a much less hectic ride.
The traffic is worth it for the fantastic attractions! Here are just a few of the many ATTRACTIONS that our family has enjoyed in Atlanta:
Our most visited place for family fun in the city is definitely Zoo Atlanta. We have gone countless times over the years, and have enjoyed seeing all three of our children get excited about the wonderful animals that live there.
Zoo Atlanta
The Children’s Museum of Atlanta (which used to be called “Imagine It”), has been a favorite of ours, though we’ve yet to take our youngest to it. They have fun exhibits; they’re all interactive and they encourage play!

Courtesy of Wikipedia
Courtesy of Wikipedia

Atlanta has the huge Georgia Aquarium, which is home to over 100,000 animals. If you can plan your trip right, and avoid going at times when it’s SUPER busy (holidays, weekends, late in the day, etc), you will be in for a treat. It is amazing and beautiful!

GA Aquarium
Courtesy of Wikipedia

This summer and last, my kids (10 and 14) have gotten to go see the Braves play at Turner Field. While it’s terribly overpriced, the experience has been great for them. They’ve gone with my sister and brother-in-law as well as my husband. I am NOT a sports fan, so I’ve stayed home, but they’ve loved it!

Courtesy of Wikipedia
Courtesy of Wikipedia

There are many more places to visit if you’re ever in our beautiful capital, so check out the official Atlanta Tourism Guide for all the possibilities! And also feel free to check out an Atlanta Mom of Three‘s perspective on marriage, pregnancy, birth, and parenting by clicking HERE. 🙂
Thanks for letting me share about my home, Jenny!

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