Moms Night Out Continued…

Hooray, you’re back!

I apologize that my wordiness last week left you all on a cliffhanger, which I truly hate doing.  I am going to dive right into the rest of my Moms Night Out in Phuket, make sure to read last week’s post, otherwise some of this may seem completely confusing.

I had just finished taking a shower in my amazing room at the Kata Palm Resort and Spa. I fancied myself up in my jean shorts and tank top (I know, try not to feel like less of a stylish person, I was hawt!) and headed out to find my favorite thing…FOOD!

I loved my room at the Kata Palm Resort and Spa!
I loved my room at the Kata Palm Resort and Spa!

I started to walk down to the Kata beachfront because I thought that a meal with some wine while the sun set on the ocean sounded divine. Well, apparently I was still on ‘mom of a toddler’ time and I was too early for the one beachfront restaurant I saw to be open. That was okay, I was on flexible relaxed mode, I leisurely strolled back towards the road my resort was on and slowly perused the restaurants.

It is never difficult to find a place to eat in Phuket. Most of the restaurants have their menus prominently displayed outside along with a person (or ten) that would call you over and try to get you to choose their restaurant. Most of the people can be pushy, but I have learned to use it to my advantage. I simply ask for what I want and they will even turn the menu pages to what I want so I can determine if the price and picture are to my liking. Talk about luxury! Not only having someone make a meal for you but t.he fact that they want to so badly! That never rarely happens at home!

I chose a restaurant called Malila after looking at their drink menu… hey what can I say?! I wanted a strawberry margarita! Their margarita (and their food, I did look eventually) was not too expensive and the menu looked nice. I sat down at a table by myself and ordered.


Surprise! I started with a strawberry margarita. I also ordered the salmon spring rolls and Som Tam (papaya salad). The staff was all friendly and helpful. They kindly informed me that there was a free salad bar, tom yum soup, water, and juice in the back of the restaurant. I didn’t really want the salad, soup, or juice, but not paying for water was a special treat. I also liked it because I felt like then I could order another Margarita because I had saved  money by not having to buy a bottle of water. Winning!

My meal for my moms night out! A little bit of tequila, a lot of spice, and some deep-fried deliciousness to round it out.
My meal for my moms night out! A little bit of tequila, a lot of spice, and some deep-fried deliciousness to round it out. And yes, as you can tell that was my second margarita.

The food was fairly good, the service was excellent, and the prices fair. None of the food was that amazing, but it was good enough.

I sat and took a while to drink my second margarita because I wanted to just slow down and actually take in that I was alone. I wanted to reflect on the fact that I was able to eat and drink and be thankful for all that I have. I actually really missed being out with Chad and Zoë, but I reminded myself that I needed to take this time to refresh and recharge. We moms, well I hate to leave anyone out, EVERYONE needs to refresh and regroup every so often, whether they have kids or not. Taking some time for your mental and emotional health is a must. Your emotional and mental health can easily make your awesome life feel hellish if you are burnt out.

I paid the check after sipping the last remanents of my strawberry margarita and headed back to my hotel room. I wasn’t on this ‘moms night out’ to party. I was on this adventure to relax and SLEEP! Oh, and do some planning and organizing  for my blog and web design business.

My little blogging spot.
My little blogging spot. Pretty awesome!

I laid on the HUGE bed after I did some writing and mind mapping and decided that all I wanted to do was watch TV until I fell asleep early.

I was planning on getting up the next morning at 8:30 am (yep, that is sleeping in for me, quite a bit actually!) so I could have my free breakfast and then exercise in the hotel gym  before my long massage. So I went to bed and slept amazingly well. The funny part, out of that huge bed, I curled up on the edge just like I sleep at home. Apparently old habits die hard.

Good Morning!

I woke up before my alarm, apparently in Kata they play the Thai national anthem at 8:00 am. Ack! Even on my time away someone woke me up… oh well. In comparison to 5:30 or 6 am, 8 am is pretty nice.

I laid around for a little while then go my work out clothes on and headed down for the breakfast.

I got something on my camera lens and this was the least blurry picture I have of the breakfast. Darn!
I got something on my camera lens and this was the least blurry picture I have of the breakfast. Darn!

The breakfast was a buffet and offered everything one could want for breakfast. There were pastries (good ones even!), congee, deli meats and cheese, pancakes, omelettes, cereal, and fruit and salad. I really slightly carbed out and had some coffee. I eavesdropped on all the other hotel guests and when nothing was very exciting, I finished up and headed to the gym.

View from my table at breakfast. Z would love that mushroom pool!
View from my table at breakfast. Z would love the mushroom pool!

I made my way to the gym and was happy when I saw I was the only one who wanted to work out! Hooray! It was fairly well stocked with a couple of exercise bikes, treadmills, and a full weight set and weight machine. I did some time on the exercise bike and then moved over to the treadmill that HAD A FAN ON IT THAT POINTED RIGHT AT ME FACE!!! It was so nice! I worked out an extra long time and read a couple more chapters in my book.

I had such a productive morning that I was ready for my long massage. I took a shower and got dressed and headed down to Darins Massage and Beauty Salon again.

I decided that I wanted an hour and a half aromatherapy massage (costing 750 baht or $21 US). Thai massages are great every once in a while, but often times they have been anything but relaxing for me. I wanted a soothing and soft massage. I was led upstairs to a window seat where my feet were washed gently. I was then led up one more flight of stairs to the massage area.


Getting my feet washed.
Getting my feet washed.

The only unfortunate part of my whole massage time is that another person came in for o at the same time as me so they put us in the same room separated by a curtain. The reason that this was unfortunate (because it honestly isn’t always uncomfortable to only be separated by a curtain) is because the man on the other side was a moaner. So the whole first hour of my massage I had to hear him moan apparently every time he was touched. Ewwwww…. Luckily I had a half hour after he left to really relax and enjoy my time.

After all that work… haha… I was hungry. I went down the street and stopped at a little restaurant called Berns. The drink menu looked good and the food was all 25% off. Never one to turn down discounted food or a good drink, I plopped my now very relaxed muscles into a seat and ordered chicken with yellow curry and a lite beer.


Great tasting yellow curry chicken! I will definitely go to Berns again!
Great tasting yellow curry chicken! I will definitely go to Berns again!

My ‘Moms Night Out’ was coming to a close. My meal was excellent, my time was excellent. I couldn’t have asked for a better time to refresh and recharge for my busy days to come.


*Disclaimer-I was not sponsored or asked to review any of the businesses I mentioned in this post. All the opinions are my own. Check out my Disclosures if you want to know more about the legal stuff*

Now it’s your turn! What would you do if you had the chance to get away for 24 hours? Leave a comment and let’s chat!

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