You Sit Back And Let The Strange Men Pay The Bill…


Start at the beginning.
Start at the Beginning.

As the money is put on the table you find that you are entirely in control, and you feel smug at the realization. You decide to push your luck and think that the server deserves a large tip, at least all the cash that the man has in his wallet.

The man reaches back into his wallet and pulls out a very large wad of what you see are bills from various places around the world. In addition you see platinum Visa cards that look ready for use. On second thought, you realize that it might be best to play this game all the way to the end. The man follows your silent direction and leaves a large tip, but puts most of the cash back in his wallet.
A few hours later the two men are attempting to carry the many bags full of video games, toys, sporting equipment, and clothes as you lead them to yet another shop. You like the idea of the two men as your personal shoppers, and convince yourself you will let them go once you have finished spending all of their money. After all it’s the least they could after inconveniencing you from your many plans that day.
Finally, you grow bored of shopping, and you wordlessly command the men to place the items in the car. If at first they had seemed confused by their willingness to obey, they now obey like mindless zombies with no thoughts of their own. One of them stumbles as they try to sit in the car, and almost bashes his head on the door. His eyes look blankly at you as you help guide him to his seat. You worry he may have trouble driving, but you are more concerned that the day is getting late, and you still have one more stop before home.
The final stop is the one that you are most excited about, it is a cheery looking little place with a plastic palm tree waving outside. You smile as you guide your servants inside, and have them sit beside you at the desk. The travel agent grins widely as you describe the trip you would like to purchase, and then looks questioningly at you when you say how long you would like to be gone.

“One full year?” she says in doubt. “Are you sure you have the funds?”

Your servant to the right leans forward and hands over his ultra-exclusive black credit card. “This should do it,” he says, mimicking your thoughts.

“Why yes, yes it should…” the lady smiles broadly.

“And did I say one year?” you ask. “Let’s make it two.”

You lean back, content with your little game, and think of how happy your Mom and Sister will be to hear of their new adventure in the Bahamas. A five bedroom villa, with a pool, and a maid, and a cook. All expenses paid in full, and far away from where the league will ever find you.

“Oh and make the tickets for 5 people, instead of three,” you say quickly. The two men nod in agreement with your plan. As if they had a choice.

Two bodyguards would do nicely if the League ever did find you, and besides, the credit cards and cash would help as well.

One of the men begins to drool as he slouches over. You hope they survive the flight, but if they don’t there would always be plenty of others to take their place. The Bahamas would be full of rich, and easily persuaded individuals who will be unable to resist your powers.

You grin and if you had a mirror you would see it looks most wicked.


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Written By Chad at And Three To Go and Chad R. Mitchell


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