You Prepare As Advised…


Start at the beginning.
Start at the beginning.

“Nothing,” you lie. You crumple the paper and the envelope together. You make it look like you throw it away in a nearby rubbish bin, but secretly you keep the letter and only toss the envelope. “This is the kind of thing we aren’t supposed to follow… you know that.”

“It won’t be like last time,” she says.

You look at her and she can’t return your stare. Deep down you and her both know it would be exactly like last time. Your Mom was furious with you before, and had to work wonders with the League of Strange to keep them from punishing you. They rarely made exceptions for mistakes, even for a paranormal of your age.

“We aren’t going.” It isn’t a lie, she won’t be going with you.

You both finish the morning at the park, skating and chatting with friends. The letter weighs heavily in your pocket, but you resist the urge to discuss it with anyone. Finally, it nears lunch time and you and Carly head home. You don’t talk much, but when you get close to home Carly can’t keep quiet anymore.

“I am going to tell Mom about the letter,” she states.

“Don’t,” you reply. “She will just get upset. Besides we aren’t going.”

“But don’t you want to?” she says eagerly.

You wish you could tell her the truth, that you plan on going as soon as lunch ends, but you can’t without her either telling your mom, or coming along. Neither is an option you want to pursue.

“Not at all,” you say flippantly.

You are going, but this time you plan on bringing your costume with you. You’ve been working on the design for months. It is just about finished, but you’ll have to leave the cape behind as it will only slow you down, and more importantly the others might mock the design. Capes are so last year, even if you still like them.

You turn the corner to the house, and realize it is already too late. Two members of the League are at the door to your house, talking with your Mom. She looks knowingly at you as you approach, and you realize you have to make a decision fast…

If you continue to the house to gather your costume, click here.

If you take off running away from the house, click here.

Written by Chad at And Three To Go and Chad R. Mitchell

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