About ‘The Invitation’

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In this story, you are the main character, and you get to make the choices. At the end of each part, click on your chosen option to get to the next bit of the story.

Each author wrote the section which appears on their blog, and nominated the next author in turn. No arc lasts more than four clicks. When you’ve finished, click back to the beginning to see where the other choices lead…

About The Authors

Author photoMeredith Hale, Mommy A to Z

Meredith is the author of the eBook Mommy A to Z: An Encyclopedia of the Joys, Wonders, and Absurdities of Motherhood, as well as the blog of the same name. Meredith blogs about everything from the intricacies of My Little Ponyto her toddler’s obsession with cheese. Her work has appeared on The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, Mamapedia, and more.

Meredith’s toddler probably would have destroyed the invitation before she ever had a chance to read it.

Jenny And Three To Go

Jenny Mitchell, And Three To Go

Jenny and her husband, along with their toddler, have been traveling around the world for the past year and a half. She writes about their life traveling, parenting on the road, and the amazing places they have visited along the way. She would gladly accept the invitation.


Chad R Mitchell

Chad R Mitchell, Chad R Mitchell – Author, And Three To Go

Chad is an author, dreamer, and perpetual vagabond. His writing over the years has ranged from the close observance of human behavior, to fantastic tales inspired by his adventures around the world. Growing up homeschooled, in a house with 6 siblings, energized his desire to tell stories to the young and young-at-heart.

His fantasy series, “Tales of Terrezial,” has been his most recent endeavor. The first book “A Tale of Two Brothers” is available on Amazon.com. Book 2 – “A Tale of Green Cities” is coming soon. Invitation would be accepted… without hesitation.

Tessa ShullTessa Shull, Tessa Shull, Homemade Experience

Tessa is a writer, wife and mother. She is the author of blogs Tessa Shull–creative writing, and Homemade Experience–motherhood and a bit of everything else. Her work is featured on The Examiner, The Purple Patch, Northeast News, Humble Heart Scribbles and Storyteller.

Why, of course, she would accept the invitation.


Leah | Kid Bucket ListLeah, The Kid Bucket List

Leah loves nothing more than a little spontaneous travel with her family. A special educator by day, Leah has been given a double dose of wanderlust which sees her out and about with her family every chance she gets – evenings, weekends, holidays!

She would not only accept the invitation, but likely drag her family along too!


cropped-avatar-big-hat-e1407334957692.jpgBronwyn Joy,
Journeys of the Fabulist

Bronwyn writes about kids, travel, geography, history, culture, social responsibility, logistics, marine biology, civil engineering, and sometimes, coffee or wine (plus anything related) but most frequently and usefully about how we manage to travel with young children, how we get along as foreigners in Singapore, and the stuff we accidentally teach our kids. She would totally accept the invitation, if only for the story.



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